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 My Thesis / Overview; 
     As the messenger of this, the biggest news story in 2,000 years, I have a unique perspective
that must escape probably all of you, so called, normal citizens. I actually DO know things
that nobody else knows about this world, you people and the stew we all share.
In a nutshell I'd say that 'the hero' the Jesus, the Gandhi, the John Lennon, the Steve Lightfoot's
of our lives are the single most important and valuable things in life any human race can
have. Like asking YOU, personally, to invent the light bulb without the help of Thomas
Edison or anyone else, you cannot move forward as a species without the help of
the hero. That man or woman who takes on the wicked world and dares to overturn and replace it.
Someone said that a hero is one who teaches the rest of us 'right' from 'wrong'.
Personally, I believe that most of you know right from wrong from almost birth but are too
weak to act on your knowledge. I believe that you are a society motivated by fear, for example,
not hope, that you are a society of death worshippers and hero killers and cowards who relish
in the act of boot-licking your government oppressors shoes. It's what you people are and
it's what you people do. You have allowed the media to mold you out of your right minds.
Paul McCartney is too weak to speak out on the subject, for example. He is also too JEALOUS
of ME to really try to help me. He is also too jealous of John Lennon to help me or any of
you poor slobs out of the nightmare he knows we are all in.
Yoko is a government asshole, conspirator, beyond being a real human being at all. The cold-
est fish in the ocean, a robot assassin after John's testicles and his money. You were all
so tuned into her evil in the 60's when she hit the scene you simultaniously hissed at her.
So, so much for all of you not really knowing what's always been going on. You only pretend
to be stupid when courage is called for. You all seemed to know, instinctively, then, about
evil Yoko. I was slow to wake up on that, I admit.
John Lennon, the smartest man on earth, the wisest man on the face of the earth and most
gifted and most famous human on the planet, bar none, in a class all by himself, was so
stupid he couldn't see through evil Yoko Ono.
I, myself, was only finally awakened to her evil after her security helped kidnap and pistol-
whip me unconscious in 1987. It took that to make ME even somewhat aware of the mess life is.
Our government kills the hero, every time, and do so terrified of the what will happen to
their schemes if they do not. So afraid of the hero is our government that they aren't
satisfied with just killing him or her in cold blood but, now, they feel the need to make
sure a nightmare of evil is foisted on you, the stupid, silent, apathetic public, by arranging
for Stephen King, the opposite messenger of Lennon, to kill Lennon and then take over the culture.
As if the 'powers that be' who purportedly worship the turgid human phallus as their idol,
like The Masons allegedly do, and other perverse cults that rule our lives behind
the scenes, felt the need to turn back the clock on evolution and undo all the good John Len-
non did using the eraser of Stephen King's depraved message of fear and hatred. It's what
these 'powers that be' infect your television and movie screens with, agree with my other opin-
ions or not. It's an obvious indictment on mankind that sticks out like a sore thumb. Stephen
King kills John Lennon and gets his owned greased writing and movie career instead of jail
for the rest of his life. Now that courage is called for you feign ignorance. How ignorant!
And this is what you allow to rule the day.
They also chose Jim Morrison's birthday, December 08, to kill John Lennon, people.
YOU masochistic, child abusing bastards like to go along with the charade and enjoy the kill
if only to alleviate the pain you all suffer, daily, your whole lives under the burden of
working half your waking lives for the sake of money. To assuage your own misery you kill.
2,000 years ago you cried; "Free Barabas!" because you felt more in common with him than
Jesus. The virtue and correctness of Jesus actually threatened you because it required that
all of YOU try harder and that is something the average slob is not interested in doing.
I'm the solitary citizen brazen enough to say in public that the average human is a sick,
misguided pervert living under Satan's influence to a large degree. That the average active-
ties the masses engage in is beneath the dignity of what man should be doing with his life.
My whole thesis revolves around the notion that the average person is the culprit behind the
assault on decency we all endure and that the 'powers that be' are merely the wart that hap-
pens to grow on his body. My t-shirts will mostly say; "PEOPLE, YOU'RE THE PROBLEM!"
You don't want to admit that the whole media you succor up to every day and night is owned
by the C.I.A. and is commandeered by evil doers, jealous boot-licking bat winged monkeys
who abuse you and your sensibilities on purpose for the purpose of mind controlling all of you.
Howard Cosell tells you a lie during Monday Night Football and you all bow down and accept
it as reality. Even when you know you are being lied to and victimized.
New York City is so corrupt that it had the officials to facilitate Lennon's assassination
and hand the public a humiliating tragedy in the name of money and kickbacks and promotions.
The people of New York City and their depraved need for heroin and drugs grew the early mafia
and all that treachery and then stood around like spectators at a fight with the carnage
that piled up around them, grinning evil grins. Our biggest city made rotten, early on.
Sick all of you creating a murderous mafia to assuage your misery with their drugs. You
were all actually the horse that pulled the cart on that one and a lot of other mistakes.
Have any of you ever noticed how many heroes your apathy has killed in our lifetime? It was
your cowardice that killed them all, you know. Your green light you give to the bad guys after.
Jesus?, Gandhi?, the Kennedy's?, Martin Luther King?, John Lennon?, and about two dozen rock
stars and actors included? At least that many good people your collective cowardice and
apathy set up for assassination. What's to intimidate a cult of demons when they have a public
so phony as to excuse the trial for Lennon's killer with no legitimate explanation like all
of you fools did? I know that the real phony of the story is each and every one of you.
I know things none of you feel comfortable admitting. I am your hero. I show you naked.
My first inklings of how stupid mankind is had to do with the day I learned that most people
work half of their waking lives. I was about eight, I guess, and I knew you were all nuts,
then. And that was before the women were tricked into working half of their waking lives
and then learning to worship all that, after. I think they called it 'Liberation'. I wouldn't
feel so superior if your two paychecks ever increased your buying power but not so. Tricked.
I just wish there were more dignified jobs in your world even if work was necessary. A
look at our popular culture shows us that all you have to do to get a job in Hollywood is
wear the government's uniform, brandish a gun and commit homicide left and right. Even our
biggest A list stars must know that they are being used for evil purposes to keep us afraid.
I would hope that the celebrity wasn't such a sellout and would avenge John Lennon's assas-
sination now that they have the evidence they always said they needed. Now that it's handed
to them on a silver platter all they can do to be an action hero is PRETEND to be bold
and brave and, you have to admit, the bigger douche bags society becomes the more extra-
vegent their exploits on screen become to compensate.
In reality the celluloid heroes are being had by the elect Jeb Bush society acting behind
the scenes, though they all swear it won't happen until it actually DOES happen. Flat-footed
celebrity class in action.
What kind of celebrity class like that can claim to pretend to be an action hero?
May I suggest a change of your anthem to;
"Land of the deceived
And the media slave..."?
I watched a "DECADES" t.v. show on The Beatles and noticed the media is still up to their prop-
aganda. The Beatles were shown back stage in their early days of sudden fame when the normal
behavior would be to act strange and awkward and they did. It wasn't flattering. It was cal-
culated to make you people think that they were odd, indeed. Perhaps over rated. The show
cast a microscope one their bizarness, deliberately.
I couldn't help but notice how obvious an actor Yoko Ono was in those days when she used
the technique of acting like a 12 year old girl with cooing eyes and such to blind John.
In announcing Mark David Chapman's name as the killer the announcer said .."David Mark
Chapman..." perhaps to inflect on you people that "It really doesn't matter WHO killed Len-
non, now does it?" or, perhaps a little of the "We really don't know what we're talking
about if it ever comes back that we're Soviet agents propagandizing America's people."
I feel the need to point out these observations in case it's not obvious to you, too.
Oh, and by the way, The Beatles, led by the genius of mostly John Lennon, were the single
most wonderful achievement of mankind, ever. Not only because their level of musical excellence
hasn't been eclipsed or even approached since, but because it offered up a monster of a celeb-
rity in John Lennon who had the balls to change our world like God intended for human kind;
to follow a man, not a government or a politician, like you fools do, now.
That you all dropped that opportunity that John Lennon offered you and turned your back on
the evidence that proves I'm right all this time, after, begs for an asteroid, no less.

Medical alert to celebs;

So long have I been neglected by everyone that my health is now suffering and I need a
"fund my medical costs" effort on behalf of the Bonos of U2 and other rock stars, etc. to
pay the hospitals for my L-1 synthetic disc surgery I probably need right away as well as
my mouth. I have at least two emergencies, now.
Start thinking about just paying my medical bills celbrityhood. You couldn't spend your
charities more wisely. Any dallying or feigning un-awareness would not be prudent.
Or just bring me forward using YOUR prominence, like a proper celebrity should, and I'll
be able to pay for the operations, myself. That would seem to be the most logical move.
I'll keep you updated.

(To be continued.....) 
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