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 Occasional Diary/Thoughts: 
     June 17, 2014: Is the L.A.P.D. plotting to murder me? Is Eric Garcetti involved? Is the man
who tried to break my jaw an operative to stop my story or just a loser who lives on the beach?
Is Nathan, the man who plays piano there, a man named Mike who has a vendor stand there and
the assailant's girlfriend all involved in a conspiracy to lie to police to protect a criminal?
Are low lifes ruining L.A. and Venice Beach or is Barack Obama and the "system" stalking me?
There are things about this attack on me that point in both directions, sadly.
The chapters below this running diary of sorts will spell out the situation well enough.
This is my running diary and running commentary on all of you. It's not daily but occasional.
You will discover that I consider the public, at large, to be the real monster in our midst.
That each and every one of you is responsible for what happened to John Lennon regardless of
whether you were alive then or not. That all of you lack the courage, brains and heart to
be the kind of people you must be to live in a decent world. That I am not like you anymore.
That I AM different from all of you and represent your future if you are capable of catching up.
I used to be a cowardly, boot-licking slob and phony like all of you but I grew up.
Now I stand alone in a sea of insanity and phoniness and fascism, brilliant with my find.
My find being, not only the hard evidence that proves what really happened to John Lennon,
but what I have learned about all of cowardly, phony all of you since going forward with it.
I wish I could report better news and win you over with what a nice guy I am and what won-
derful people all of you are, but the truth spells out what a sick species and what pathetic
weaklings ALL of you ARE! In The Wizard Of Oz it took a dog to admit the obvious truth and
it seems that that story is really about all of you and your paralysis where confronting
your evil government is concerned.
You don't want to admit that you cowards let Chapman skip his trial so I'll admit it for you.
This fact stands alone as the weakest, most transparently insane moment in America's life.
It is your generation that is responsible and all of you are guilty, sinful, tragic fools.
If I could cause a meteorite to wipe us all out and start us all over I think it would be
a good bet that God could vastly improve on all of us. In fact, I witnessed what could have
been just that planet killer rock just miss us when I was about 12. Pity it missed when I
think of how UNDESERVING and cowardly all of you are about my magnificent find.
It's as if satan has your tongues and you are impotent parents unable to stop the molest-
ation of your own children by murderer, Stephen King. You'd all rather get shot execution
style than take a stand against the politicians and people involved in killing John Lennon.
Oh, don't try to deny it. I know you better than you are capable of knowing yourselves.
Just yesterday I spent an hour wowing the Sidewalk Cafe crowd at Venice beach with my sing-
ing talents while carrying a two sided sign; "LENNON MURDER TRUTH.COM" and, on the
The crowd seemed entertained but psychologically unmoved to change their evil ways.
It was the first time I saw everyone with their necks stretched straight up as if to listen
better and make sure that John Lennon wasn't really alive and singing, hidden, and not me.
The local transients, drug dealers and homeless people who live there, including the one who
hit me last April 4, were all there observing brave, heroic me stand in their paralyzed
midst like a bunch of animals without a backbone to their name, wallowing in their own
gutlessness and sense of mass shame. "Good luck with that evidence of yours, Steve. Too
bad we're not worthy of it or your heroism. Guess we'll just have to stay victims. May God
help us cowards." I'm the help God already gave them but they won't own up to their duty.
And Jim Morrison used to live there, made the place famous, and John Lennon was killed on
his birthday no less, and still, they remained locked in satan's cowardly clutches, afraid
of their own shadows. Licking cover up boot.
My own flesh and blood are no better. Paul McCowardly and Richard Starkey are amazingly
ordinary cowards too. (P.S. As we speak Paul's out with a serious, tour cancelling virus.)
The biggest break all of you ever had in America's long history, my evidence, comes along
and you're all too masochistic and weak to make a revolution out of it.
You people STINK. That's what. Take a look at your cowardly, miserable, weak selves.
Work is the curse of the hero killing class, you asses. Now that the women have been tricked
into work two paychecks buys less than one used to. Again, weak, pathetic, insane, maso-
chistic, child abusing fools, victims, again, of your own stupidity and weaknesses. Bamboo-
zeled and tricked again. Now you stand in DOUBLE harness for less pay. Reverse progress.
Now you're enslaved with only hero Steve Lightfoot to pull you out of the quicksand you,
yourselves, cannot extricate yourselves from. Similarly, in spite of the fact that I know
how to change our world for your benefit, I can't bring my find to your rescue if you don't
all come together over Lennon's murder evidence and force the media to disclose the facts.
We're helpless without each other. If you don't act first we're both screwed.
I've done my cross carrying. It's time you bastards took a stand, if only for your sake.
Aren't you tired of sucking Stephen King's evil penis? You've been sucking it for over 30
years. No wonder you're all so sick. The government knows just how to destroy you.
You can't seem to bring yourselves to the fact that our United States government uses evil
and fear to control you. That our own government practices terrorism against it's people.
That it uses evil to destroy good and that they want to keep you from becomming truly free
and aware people. That they aren't your friend.
People....I can prove it!

June 19, 2014; VENICE; L.A.'S ANUS;
To quote the great Jim Morrison; "Never saw a woman so alone...so alone....so alone."
That was absolutely political commentary on Los Angeles and its lack of soul.
I'm here to say that Venice is emerging as a real life anus on the face of Los Angeles.
Oh, many laud it as a high end neighborhood in the cool zone, near the beach etc.. In reality,
one can spot the area just by the number of bronze tanned homeless men and their meager
belongings. Many actually have a bicycle. It's become a magnet for the homeless who sleep,
by the hundreds, right on the beach, there.
A certain McDonalds on Lincoln Blvd. just south of Venice Blvd. has become a showering spot
for these transients. Twice in a row, lately, I've had to wait for over seven minutes waiting
for two seperate homeless people who never used the toilet for more than a minute. This
second time the man who took umbrage at my asking how much longer he'd be later tried to close
my van door before I could get in. As he was 6'4" and disturbed I grabbed my pepper
spray and warned him to back off. Immediately he opened up a large folding knife, threatened
to stick me if I sprayed him and remarked; "I'm large. I'm large." I asked the manager of McDon-
alds to call 9-11 saying I was threatened with a knife. For 40 minutes no police arrived.
The homeless man tried to explain that he has staff infection and was cleaning his hands.
Take that McDonald's on Lincoln near Venice, where he baths, who says you can do nothing.
I went down the street and borrowed a phone and called 9-11, myself. 30 minutes later, still
no police. Then the suspect was seen bicycling off to panhandle elswhere, apparently. Gone.
Another L.A. Woman lyric; "Motel money murder madness changed the mood from glad to sad-
ness." Venice is becomming that line, isn't it, L.A.? Violent, drug fiends ruling the streets.
Another sterling example of chief Beck's L.A.P.D. in inaction.
About Venice. Last night a most amiable young man stopped to ask me questions about my web
site. This doesn't happen too often in Lost Angeles and, after he struck me to be refreshing-
ly sane and good, I asked him; "You're not from here, are you? Where are you from? He re-
plied, "Kansas".
So, you see, Lost Angeles, you all really are so very, very, very alone and lost. If I get
the fame you all need me to get I'll make the case for limiting the size of populations so
that dehumanizing mega cities can't be any more. It's time we all admitted that too much
population, be it L.A. or New York City or any other subhuman hellhole, is unworthy of
any ones life no matter what kind of job is offered.
I could spot an outsider still well enough to ask relevent, important questions a mile away.
Why the dismal response by L.A.P.D.? Was it because I was the victim and let me rot or just
ineptitude and congestion and constipation on the part of Los Angeles, generally?
L.A. and Venice, in particular, are playing out to be monsters of evil apathy and evidence
suppression. As if all that is vile and repugnant about America is coming out of Venice,
California like some anus defacating its foulness on my decency, heroism and courage. Some-
thing L.A. only wishes it had. I am truly amazed to see what a sore on the consciousness of
America L.A. is proving itself to be.
Snap out of your comas, people. Wake up!

P.S. The best year of my life I was a homeless man on a bicycle in San Diego. That was the
year I found my Lennon murder evidence. I never became a bum or asked for money or forgot
that I was a doctor's son who still had a shot at making the P.G.A. golf tour. I was never
more than a pothead who never caused trouble. I was never a drug addicted loser who took out
his own low self esteem on others. Lots of low self esteem and vileness in Venice, though.
I'm beginning to appreciate why the Northridge quake hit the very day I first moved here. That
L.A. may truly be an evil place where satan rules. That God was angry with its evil past.
L.A., the whole world reads my site. Especially the who's who's of the world.

June 20, 2014; Watched "Ruby" on t.v. last night about the J.F.K. murder and Jack Ruby's role
in the cover up. It was really a piece of work as propaganda goes. On the one hand it was made
to honor Ruby and give him a leading man image, complete with the hot dance girl and his abil-
ity to handle himself in a tough world and to look honorable instead of despicable. It was
as if the C.I.A., who runs the media, mostly anyway, was paying tribute to the man that they
let take the fall with Oswald for all their deeds. "At least let's make him look good on film."
The movie brazenly admitted, not only to the gunmen seen firing from the grassy knoll, but
also to the notion that Oswald didn't even fire from the depository window (He wasn't that good
of a shot) but stood next to the real gunman there as the plot unfolded.
Towards the end the biggest turning of the tables on the minds of the viewers came when Ruby
said to his girlfriend; ""I did it to put everything out in the open."
That's where you, my reader, need a man like me to steer you away from the mind control trap.
In reality it is how the government lies; exactly 180 degrees. In reality Ruby killed Oswald
to ensure that nothing was allowed to be viewed in the open. To kill the patsy for insurance.
The movie indulged in blurring the lines between Marilyn Monroe and "Kandy Kane" Ruby's girl-
friend. In the movie she "entertains" John Kennedy, presumably, looking starry eyed as she
watches his helicopter fly him away from their trist. She even sings to him at one point on
a stage like Marilyn.
One line in the movie stood out; Ruby was explaining how devious the C.I.A. was; "they do
things that don't make sense so that if you ever ratted them out no one would believe you."
Stephen King shot John Lennon ring a bell? Did that atrocity against you go over your heads?
Another line rang true when Ruby said to the man who tried to beat him up; "Don't ever mess with
Jack Ruby the next time you want to take out your disappointment in life on someone."
When I was struck by the man on Venice Beach it felt like that, exactly. I felt his misery.
The real Mr. Rubinstein was not nearly as classy and responsible as he was portrayed by the
actor. The real Ruby was a wild man and asshole and enemy of all mankind. The movie made him
out to be our hero, his Marilyn Monroe look-alike girlfriend sobbing as she sees him in
his jail cell as if to let us all know what a hero he was for helping kill J.F.K..
I believe that Kruschev and Richard Nixon and Fidel Castro killed J.F.K. to avenge his suc-
cess in getting Russia's missiles out of Cuba and because Castro knew of Kennedy's plot to
kill him and he took pre-emptive action apparently with the help of our own C.I.A. and certain
corporate and mafia interests. The military industrial complex, frankly. In fact, Time maga-
zine codes during the time prove Nixon was centermost in the plot. So there. See for yourselves.
Last 50th anniversary of The Beatle's Ed Sullivan appearance aired and shouted out over the
first mention of John Lennon's name; "N-A-S-T-Y!-!-!" Like a pie in the face of the viewer.
In reality, though it was to accuse Lennon of being a nasty person and to subliminally cause all
of you to be cowards, it really describes, to a tee, all of you, the wicked, nasty public.
If you could see how I see all of you; in your clean pressed clothes, picket fence and all on
your knees sipping blood from a large wooden bowl. Heroes blood. Your ingrained, sick ritual.
You're all bats. That's for sure.
Another propaganda warning. Way back I saw the movie "Gandhi" and noticed some sly mind
games being played on the viewer. At the end when his ashes are being poured from a boat
into a river. As the ashes fall Gandhi's famous quote; "..all of these despotic leaders have
always fallen...", as if to celebrate the vitality of Gandhi's crusade. In reality the film
maker was saying; "All of these populist leaders and heroes like Gandhi have always fallen
to the guns of assassination. See? His assassinated ashes are "falling" into the water."
Anyway. Just some thoughts from the man who escaped the prison of your ignorance long ago.
I have seen the promised land. You're fools not to catch up. Nasty fools.

June 25, 2014: Just a reminder, as I advertised a year ago, I think; Jeb Bush will be your
next president. Not because your vote counts but because Rockefeller and co. don't take
chances with the whims or considerations of the public when it comes to running their big
company, the U.S.. Of course Hillary or Kerry or Christy or whomever else gets in the fray
will slip on a pre concocted banana peel and let Bush win by default, the way it's been done
for generations, I'm sure. They're all on the same team playing roles to fool you.
When I'm proved right you'll have to admit I'm smarter than you for not being so sure. At
least it will show I know which way the wind blows better than thou. I've been observing
you predictable, redundant dolts for decades, now, pitying all of you all the way.
In less than a week CBS executives and the C.I.A. they work for will sneak into your child-
ren's beds and molest them with murderer, Stephen King. All summer long to infect them.
"Under The Dome" will be airing Stephen King's dirty laundry every Monday, the day of the
week he hurt all of you as much as any one man could on December 8, 1980.
Indeed you are all so sick as this t.v. series nears its destructive arrival on all your psyches
that I must cry for your poor, stupid as their parents, children. What a pile of douche bags
the mass media is making out of all of you. Your foolishness is so monstrous I can only
hope that God steps in and saves you, even if that means replacing this species with a smarter,
nobler, stronger, wiser, less boot licking and masochistic kind of creature.
Hey, I just had a thought: If Stephen King goes to jail after you all snap out of your col-
lective coma and expose him you'll all become more evolved automatically. There is simply
no way you'll ever be able to go back to the dark behavior you've been a part of after you
get a whiff of freedom and well being. The things you've all lost along the horrible way.
At least for a generation of grace, that is.
So, let's see, Jeb is waiting on the sidelines for as long as he can so he can make a mad
dash for the goal line and run his gauntlet before you are on to what's happening. At least
that seems to be the plan so far.
Please read the immediate chapters below here for your own education about media mind
control tactics and what you're all up against.

June 30, 2014; There he was, standing in the cold all bundled up, his breath leaving heavy mist
as he waited for Lennon's limousine to arrive. Stephen King was minutes away from changing our
world forever and for the worse and he knew it. He knew look alike, Chapman, would cop to the
crime and be forgotten by a stupid U.S. public by the time the media ruined you all. He was
about to get even with all those Maine rednecks who ever teased or bullied him or rejected him.
His chance to kill his father for walking out on him at the age of two. His chance to punish the
town if Herman, Maine for kicking him and his sick writing out of their fair town in the 70's.
It was the most important moment in Stephen King's life and the world was about to be infected
with an unspeakable evil that could only be possible with the government we support with our
taxes, obedience and silence. Nixon, Reagan and sick, satanic company. Rockefeller, etc. The
military, the media, the courts, the system. It all hinged on brainwashing you, the stupid U.S.
public, so they could all get away with it. It required the talents of America's most trusted
sports announcer, Howard Cosell. After all, it was a ritual slaying in the public arena.
The stupid U.S.public was salivating on the whatever yard line in the fourth quarter when How-
ard cast the spell that would cripple all mankind and make it sick with a lie. Stephen King
was waiting, Lennon arrived, the shots rang out, Lennon was mortally wounded and all of the
stupid U.S. public was brainwashed, en mass, while you were all trapped, spiritually as
a nation, under the dome of the football arena that made the art of the crippling lie stick.
All telecommunicated via the mass media at once from the lips of a man in a sports arena.
Aren't you all still under the dome? And aren't all of you a stupid U.S. public?
Where were you, America, when Stephen King murdered John Lennon? Under the dome?

July 01, 2014; King, trying to be morally preachy to all of us with his "Dome" series:
"Look, everybody, I've changed. I've learned that I was wrong. Don't jail me."
Sorry, King, but jail is only too good for you after destroying humanity like you already,
deliberately, did. Crime of the century. Villain of the century. Judas times twenty. Public
enemy number one. That's you, Stephen King. ASSHOLE OF THE UNIVERSE.
Powerful special effects with the super magnetic force. As usual, King's script is umplausible
and begs the viewer to like King, as a person, as if to reach out to the masses for what
his reality denied him his whole life; acceptance and approval by others.
In a way I have to blame the sadists of Portland, Maine for rubbing a young King raw and, still,
I can't help but be outraged by his sense of entitlement and his selfishness. The suspicious
death of the man who ran him down with a van months earlier and just killing Lennon to prove
how much he could care less about all of us. I know he's a sick, selfish, godless asshole.
Anyway. While on the subject of the stupid U.S. public turning its guilty blind eyes from real-
ity, what about, also, the witness against Rupert Murdock who just happened to die the day he
was to testify against the man who runs our minds, oops, I meant our media.
Do you all see just WHY I call all of you stupid? I could add cowardly and satanic and it
would still all be just as true.
So, if I seem to provoke your anger against me it is because I have learned that, deep down,
you are all the kind of creature who hates me for being so heroic to begin with. I KNOW that
you are an evil monster of jealousy and hatred and misery and anger just because you are a
homo sapien. I KNOW how masochistic and S-T-U-P-I-D you ARE! It took "Toto", a dog, to pry
your lying eyes open in that movie, remember? None of you had the heart, brains or courage to.
If I sound as if I am entitled to your obedience and expect you to break my story just because
I say so, then you're also being dishonest. You all KNOW, yourselves, that you want to see me
fall and be destroyed, if only because you don't want to get your fingernails dirty and actually
handle the truth.
I have to say all of this on my website, which my employer, no doubt, checks out, occassionally
and hope I can keep any job. I have to lay things on the line and grab all of you by the lapels.
None of you have any idea what I sacrifice to keep you in the game with truth and justice in
your lifetime. The recent experience at evil Venice Beach and the cowardly asshole who tried
to break my jaw and his lying friends who are lying to protect him has taught me that you,
the stupid U.S. public, are too evil to do anything but root for my enemies, even though they
are your enemies too.
No more mister nice guy with you sick assholes. Not any more, public.
I will refer to you as stupid U.S. public until further notice.
Oh, and McCartney, how's that government induced virus working out for you? Didn't they do some-
thing to George Harrison, too, when they first operated on him and then he got another illness?
You only THINK the Queen and the government will leave you alone if you keep your mouth shut.
Sir, Paul, get off your cowardly knees and help me. Wear a t-shirt with nothing but my website
on it at all times and don't be afraid.

July 2, 2014: A 70 plus year old man was sucker punched at a gas station and robbed by two
disguised young men. It was a cowardly attack from behind while another distracted him from
the other side and, I'm sure, it was not just the money that motivated the vermin youth.
The whole thing was captured on film and aired.
Though the victim was hit very hard, like I was, he said, when asked by the media what he'd
like to say to them,; "Get yourselves straightened out, do the right thing and turn yourselves in."
You see, what I learned from the attack on me is that the assailant is very sick inside his
own head. That he needs serious mental and emotional help to ever be happy. He needs to be
corrected. I'd say about a year or two in jail to ponder his role in his bad behavior would help.
It might stop his self destructive course. And, besides, the rest of us need him locked up.
Anyone who is his friend has poor taste and I have to worry about any of them, too. If they
ask themselves what do they really have in common with him it's probably the drugs.
By the way, I've learned that Nathan, the piano player who played "Play With Fire" when I was
hit and a man named Mike, I think, who has a mini stand next to him and, of course, the assail-
ant's lying girlfriend may have engaged in providing false information to a police officer
and may be guilty of obstruction of justice and conspiracy.
My bigger concern is are the L.A.P.D. and the government behind these people who vigilant-
ly obstruct all free speech at that spot. Was the attack sponsored by the police, etc.?
I urge all good people of L.A. to boycot these people and run them out of the county.

July 6, 2014: Never have I been so impatient and upset with the people of America. What un-
worthy, ignorant, cowardly, lazy, immature, scared, phony, apathetic assholes they are.
You are, reader. Unless you are one of the half dozon people who helped me protest in the
80's or are one of my magazine customers you haven't done a thing to redeem yourselves.
Pinko commies, yellow bellies, douche bags, you're it, U.S. public. Or, as Stephen King
called you over and over in "Firestarter", six months before he shot John Lennon; "You blind,
obssesive fools. Now you're Under The Dome of our evil mass media's mind control machine
and you can't think a sane thought to save yourselves.
And so I say to all of you unworthy, apathetic, ignorant assholes; "UP YOURS!" Up
yours this fourth of July, you stinky, nasty bastards.
Shame on you for taking forever to care about my crusade, my sloganed, website addressed
van for 30 years in your face all this time, for nothing, as far as you assholes are concerned.
Shame on you for excusing a public trial for decoy, Chapaman, in the first place.
Shame on my own family for tucking tail, turning coat and running from my situation like
a bunch of common cowards.
Shame on you, Paul McCartney, for being such a selfish, jealous, turncoat coward when,
apparently, society can't think without your first step. That 4-1-'90 live endorsement at the
Berkeley concert was weak and mostly just so you could sleep at night. Pathetic.
Shame on you, members of the mass media for being part of the coverup just working there.
You have traded your duty for money and security, like a bunch of traitors and cowards.
Shame on you, government of America. You're just a bunch of sugar coated Soviet boot lick-
ing slobs preying on your taxpayers, victimizing them, perverting and scaring them.
I've noticed that my most ardent enemies, those who scream out how wrong I am and who
even assault me, are always the lowest people on the totem pole of life; homeless, drug
crazed losers and cowards who almost seem to want an excuse to be a loser. Up yours, es-
pecially. You people are the lowest for a reason. Most of you are also alcoholics.
As for the four people who were apparently behind the 4-4-'14 assault on my jaw with a
sucker punch with co-conspirators to lie to police, I'm holding you up as the worst elements
in all Los Angeles county and America for the cowards and losers and public enemies you
asshole are. Whatever anger I may have against your treachery and evil I will channel into
breaking my story and giving the public more hell than honey about doing so. As for my at-
tacker who relied on his back up team and wig and disguise and the fact that I was holding
a valuable guitar at the time. stay away from me you fucking, cowardly asshole. Stay away.
I will do all I can to have you charged and punished via our justice system.
Fuck all of you, U.S. public, for turning your back on John Lennon and my brave evidence.
Fuck you all, you child molesting masochistic, cowardly, boot-licking bastards. You are all
a disgrace to America's otherwise basically good record of civic responsibility. Or have
you forgotten how the 60's generation found their spine when Nixon was a noxious monster?
And that's for everyone except my customers and fellow demonstrators. You too, celebrities.
Especially blind, stupid, manipulated all of you. You have a higher duty than the public.
Like I said, earlier in this series; "How IS that government induced virus working out for
you, Paul? Feel smart and safe, now? And what about all of you hero killing vampire bats,
U.S. public? Too sick to snap out of your sinful, weak state?
"Oh my GOD! He wants us to actually D-O something."
That's right you pathertic losers. D-O----S-O-M-E-T-H-I-N-G-!

Paul's back from his virus and soon, no doubt, to be singing Live And Let Die, his satan-
ic song to bury John Lennon. We'll see how long he STAYS healthy with that bad karma.

July, 8, 2014: King's "Under The Dome" lived up to my predictions last week when I said that
he was using it as a way to tell the viewer that he, once a murderer of John Lennon, is now
a completely new man who has learned his lesson and no longer needs to be punished.
"Meet the new 'Big Jim'" Jim said when told he was the last person on earth one of the other char-
acters thought would save his life.
You'll have to agree that Big Jim went from Lucifer to just the nicest, most reformed man
on earth pouring coffee modestly for everyone all of a sudden.
Another King line concerning the real problem of living under the dome was "Us. We're the
problem. There aren't enough resources here to sustain us all." Not just the Monarch larvae.
A portent of real political issues the government is weighing? Some future war or virus?
Another theme that played out, repeatedly, was our human inclination to avenge our tres-
passers with violence. You all do know that King felt abused and shunned and mocked and did
lash out at the whole world when he killed its biggest living hero, John Lennon, exacting
his vengeance on all his trespassers. You people DO realise this, right? You have to step
outside of your comfort zone that wants to convince you I could never be right and actual-
ly examine WHY King did it. That's why. That and the fact that politicians made him a deal
that would put him on the best seller list no matter how good or bad a writer he was. He
had to kill Lennon, though. And he did.

July 12, 2014: Regarding King's 1980 status as a writer, he was already a best seller, so why
would he need to kill Lennon, then?, you might ask. The answer is that he and these politicians
who greased the sled of his rise in publishing made the deal in the mid 70's, at least five
years before he pulled the trigger.
In "Salem's Lot" he writes about a boy named named 'Mark' who sees his wildest fantasies
turn into reality. He specifically refers to one incident where a man is contemplating being
shot in the back with a shotgun where the character wonders if he'll live long enough to see
his guts hit the wall, for example. "The Dead Zone" is a book about a man who feels he must
kill a certain politician after first getting his autograph. The main character's name is 'Johnny'
and the would be assassin is portrayed as waiting with a gun in the shadows to kill this man
before he changes the course of history. "Nixon, the old witch hunter, himself," and "The Catcher
In The Rye", the book Chapman was said to be reading after killing John, is also a recurrent
theme. "Firestarter", written six months before the murder, is about a young girl with the
power to project fire and destroy her enemies. Not unlike the scene of a man crouched in a rain-
coat at night, a snub nose pistol projecting fire with a three foot long tracer, for example.
In "Christine" the book about a 50's car that has a mind and heart of its own and even repairs
itself, its heart being the radio that plays rock and roll, has dead ringer look a likes for Buddy Hol-
ly, Elvis Presley, Jim Morrison, John Lennon and John Balushi, all dead rock stars, killed
in the movie. Jim Morrison's look a like is wearing the exact outfit Lennon was wearing when a
blazing on fire gun cut him down from behind. In the movie it was a car on fire from behind.
No need to belabor the point that King's writing revolves around the biggest adventure of his
life; killing John Lennon. The point I have made here is that he and his co conspirators made
the deal at least five years before the fact. No doubt it was his only well received book;
"Carrie" about a girl who kills all of her tormentors, that likely put King on the government's
radar. They knew that he was the perfect damaged soul to pull the trigger in a world where it
would have been hard to find ANYONE willing to kill the planet's most loved human being.
King is nowhere near as good a writer as most of you have been conditioned to believe. Any-
one who has read "From A Buick Eight" would have to concede that. At his peak he wrote with
a small mountain of cocaine at his side and other hard drugs. In Belfast, Maine, in 1992, he
was found guilty of having sex with a 15 year old. It was hushed up but he paid a large fine. He
attends Alcoholics Anonymous meetings and uses his fame to prey on people there, I've heard.
He is a fly in our ointment you corrupted cowards.
Incidentally, Time magazine's cover depicting John's murder with the headline; "When The Music
Died" has a corner flap above John's head depicting a tank about unrest in Poland, then. The clo-
sing scenes in "Christine" show a tractor crushing the car to its ultimate end as the radio is
playing; "Rock and Roll Is Here To Stay" rolling down its back. The last line of the movie hap-
pens to be; "God, I hate rock and roll."
Regarding the assault on my jaw last April 4, 2014, I have new insights about it; In 1987
I was taking a nap in my van on Haight Steet in San Francisco when two men took turns urin-
ating on my van which got me out and, a few martial arts moves and a dislocated shoulder
later, forced me to let go of the other man resulting in one of them smashing my face into the
sidewalk breaking my nose. The only thing they said before the two on one brawl was; "We
don't need the publicity." D.A. Costello pressed no charges and that WAS a political attack.
It may have been financed by two local t.v. anchors who I ran out of the area with slogans.
It was a suspicious attack.
The one who broke my nose had all of his teeth knocked out a year later, I noticed. He seem-
ed a lot like the man who hit me in Venice. He wound up a pitiful homeless pile of waste
living in a sleeping bag in Golden Gate Park, years later, I noticed. He just liked violence.
This new jealous asshole who hides behind his back up gang and only approaches me when I am
unable to fight back with a valuable guitar to protect, is, seemingly, also homeless and his
attack was also at an iconic piece of real estate; Venice Beach, former home of Jim Morrison.
Was his attack sponsored by others? Certainly Nathan, the piano player, seems to be suspect.
But what about the police and government? I'm still weighing the situation.
I can say this; Jealousy seems to be at the heart of these two attacks. The rock bottom of the
pile of the human race, each time, attacking the classiest, most heroic man around, me. The
one whose life will be shrouded in historic, glorious heroism. The opposite of a loser.
As for the iconic places that hit me back, they, too, seem to be suffering from an extreme case
of jealousy and cowardliness that only I give a God Damn in the first place. Venice Beach and
Haight Ashbury have doomed their reputations in assaulting me. They proved to both be jealous
cowards who didn't like being exposed as the cowards they both clearly are. Shame on you.
All my enemies seem to come from the gutter. That says a lot about the rest of you who seem
not to care about my heroic crusade of truth and justice. You must be down there with them,
somewhere with the ilk of jealous losers. I do notice that my biggest supporters seem to be
the offspring of millionairs who know what a valuable asset to the world I really am. Young
people who seem to be from Europe who seem to know about me as the icon I am.

July 13, 2014; To clean up some of the above let me first say that three months after that
Haight Street assault and battery that the San Francisco D.A., Costello, refused to pro-
secute, I was kidnapped and handcuffed and beaten unconscious by S.F.P.D. officers Kevin
Hall and Steven Rist.
In fact I was attending an art gallery showing of John Lennon's works hosted by Dyansin Art
Gallery in San Francisco earlier that evening. I was ushered in ahead of the huge waiting line by
the manager who called out my name. Wow, special treatment, I thought. Good thing because
I would have missed seeing Yoko Ono entirely had that not happened as she stayed only about
ten minutes. She was wearing oversized sunglasses, indoors, at night wearing all white and
carrying a bouquet of white flowers. I had my manila envelope with my magazine and evidence
for her with copies to get to Paul, George and Ringo. I took a few disposable camera shots
like a lot of attendies did and, eventually, handed her my package saying, quietly, "Yoko,
this is about your husband's murder. Please read it." That's all I did and then mingled with
the crowd. She and her security entourage immediately went into a seperate room for five
minutes and left.
I was dressed in a sportcoat and slacks sipping Brut champaign and exchanging opinions about
John's art with some of the guests when, twenty minutes after Yoko left, her same security
enourage came in the room, I found out, by their violent pushing of me on my back out the
front door luckilly not falling on my face down the stairway. At the bottom of the stairway
were several waiting S.F.P.D. officers who immediately grabbed me by all fours and started
carrying me across the street to a waiting police van, one of them saying to me, "We're going
to beat your ass!" With that threat, though I was not resisting, I shouted to the still
waiting line of people outside:" Help! They just threatened to beat my ass! Help!"
A few minutes later I was in the van, handcuffed and on my knees when they drove me, I
thought, then, to the station. Fifteen minutes later I realized we were all the way to Hunter's
Point and didn't know what was happening as they parked in the seediest section of the city.
In through the doors they burst and began wailing on me. I came to a few minutes later
wondering where I was and how I ever got in the back of a police van, all bloodied. I realized
I was in San Francisco and had just seen Yoko at a gallery and was kidnapped. At first I had
to pinch myself it sounded so crazy. But, yup, that's what had happened and now I was pro-
bably, going to be killed within an hour for all I knew. For a minute I seriously thought
about sacrificing my shoulder to bash open the rear door, it was so grave a feeling.
We all arrived at the S.F. General Hospital where officer Hall remarked, when I asked him
where were we going; "We're going to break your nose." (Which had just been fixed a few
weeks earlier, by the way). Fortunately, a passing doctor overheard him and I was taken
to a room and strapped down. I told the doctor that I was being slandered to even be here and
that these officers had just beaten me for no reason because I am exposing the government
with hard evidence in John Lennon's murder, that I was being given the "Soviet treatment" by
U.S. police officers.
When I discovered that my camera was stolen and missing and that the officers alleged that
I yelled death threats to Yoko Ono at the gallery I knew everything I thought was happening
was happening to me. A Soviet style affront to my activism, in my face and in anger.
In the first place, I did no such thing and, considering what happened to John, if it were
true, it would have made world headlines.
Officers Hall and Rist are the worst of what police officers can be; evil, lying cowards.
Beacause they lied I was placed under a 72 hour hold for evaluation which resulted in my being
released a day early, officials satisfied I was fine, at least mentally.
While at the first hospital I was given almost eight head x-rays and, when I complained "Why?" the
technician replied; "Why do you THINK this is happening to you?"
San Franscisco has an evil ghost in its realm it would seem to me.
Immediately, upon release, I walked to the local juniour college, my al ma mater, and showed
the students my ripped and bloodied clothes and, nearly broken in several places, body, as
a lesson to them about the truth of our government.
Now, I, not only was found to be sane in a nerve wracking situation, I have never taken
any meds in my life, except pot, and that must infuriate my enemies and some of you jealous
jerks, I'm sure. Bullet proof, hero grade messenger, here. No scandals. I'm legit.
Meanwhile, the other attack, months earlier, that I alluded might be because of some news
anchors I ran out of the west coast in reference to the attackers remark; "We don't need the
publicity." It's true, I ran Jim Paymar and Sylvia Chase back to the east coast with my
huge sign outside their studio that read;
No better or worse than any of the other anchors or stations there, just the only station that
could be picketed publicly. I chose them to make an example of for they really do not have
the legal right to stonewall my story at my expense. I reserve the right and power to do
the same to anyone at any time. I am too controversial to sue and I keep it all truthful, anyway.
Dianne Feinstein, former mayor of San Francisco, got run out of there by me over my subsequent
billboard there that read;
As I stood out there with my nose and arm in bandages after the assault by the two strangers.
I recall, years earlier, when I first approached her office, her secretery telling me;
"Take your cause to another town."
Oh, well. Now she's in D.C., not S.F..
I now notice, for the first time since my Venice beating, the look of dread on L.A. mayor,
Garcetti's face, lately. Perhaps over my mention of his possible role in that beating, but
also an indicator that the L.A.P.D. may operate over his head, perhaps, or he'd have read
my site a long time ago and shown the strain, then.
Well, mayor Garcetti, are you going to arrest this man who, unprovoked, visciously tried to
break my jaw but, instead, hurt my neck and tooth, or are you going to give him a pass be-
cause L.A.P.D. aren't under your control and leave me to pick up the pieces in a climate
of injustice where I might get further attacked?
I'd get on top of this before I DO mount a campaign to spread the news like I can.
This asshole, troublemaker of a man is a danger to all citizens. He knifed my tire for no
reason decades ago, tried to start a fight with me last year while he knew I had a valuable
guitar to protect and now has committed battery with intent to inflict bodily injury.
I'd say he may already be a murderer who never got caught and that he is a very sick man.
I does seem that police are, either relying on unreliable, partisan vitnesses who are lying,
or your police are violating my rights under the law to arrest him and his girlfriend who
threatened my life and assaulted me.
I have nothing better to do than stay alive and expose my enemies while I still am alive.
I'll bet 10 % of all L.A. may have already visited my website and, hopefully this page.
At least the better, smarter, more responsible citizens.
If less than 10% of L.A. county has NOT read my site with all the mileage I put on the roads
then shame on L.A., is all I can say.
The one thing I will be known for, like John was for the cause of 'Peace' will be the fact
that the sick human race is to blame for everything and that 'WE' are the problem and the
only solution and that, right now, all of the human race is sick, cowardly, and afraid and
that is all of everybody's fault for being so phony and weak and lazy and small.
In fact, you all probably, really DO NEED a hero to lead you in that regard.
Unfortunately for stupid you, U.S. public, the politicians and Rockefellers, etc. KNOW
this about you and kill people like me. If you can't help me come forward you're all screwed.

July 15,2014;
It would seem, if I'm not completely mistaken, that Nathan, the piano player in front
of Sidewalk Cafe on the boardwalk, and a 40'ish man who hangs out behind him on the grassy
knoll may both be linked to the battery/assault on me April 4, 2014. The assailant, a drug
dealer to my knowledge, used his girlfriend to threaten my life days later.
If Venice is a good beach community and not the violent drug area that drove Jim Morrisson
out of the country for his own safety, then, then Venice will stop supporting them.
The police, it seems, are almost four months late in making any arrests and could also be
involved. Police have a record of brutal assault on me, already, in other big cities.
The first time I met the assaialant who hit me in the head last April at Venice beach was
almost 20 years ago when he knifed my tire just because I turned down his offer of a Mexican
bag of weed after I asked for California "Kind" bud to begin with. I thought he was a cowardly,
small asshole, then, and I told him so in front of his gang buddies and even had to brandish
pepper spray when they all tried to raise their skateboards at me. Nothing deployed on
either side except a skateboard flying into a wall above my head one of his protectors threw
as I walked away. That was almost 20 years ago and I never noticed him there since until
last May 23, 2013 when he tried to confront me to either steal or damage my valuable guitar
after I dared to call out Nathan, the piano player there, for being a sidewalk hog with his
monopolizing of that area and how he always seems to wait for what infrequent appearances
I make to interupt me and play over me within only minutes, and consistantly, to obstruct my
free speech. He IS a sidewalk hog and the first time I saw Nathan I suspected that he was
collecting S.S.I. and had a compulsive, obsessive disorder with his need to play piano full
time, seven days a week there and always out of time. I figured he was supplimenting his check
with tips there.
So, now that I called his jealous pattern out this long vanished ass-hole comes out to start
a fight over something that was none of his business. As soon as my guitar was secured in my
van he was gone and I told the crowd about this man and how the whole episode felt like a police
sting to try to steal my guitar.
Which leads us to April 4, 2014 when this 150 pound, 5'9" man in his 40's used his friends and
girlfriend and a wig and beard to sneak up on me and sucker punch me as hard as he could
while I was holding my guitar.
He must have felt outmatched when I barely flinched and yelled out to the crowd to call 9-11.
The satanic crowd, eating, the waiters and passers by, did nothing to help my cause, as if
many knew of this attack before the fact. An evil, cowardly, John Lennon killing lot picking
on the messenger that showed them up in Jim Morrison land. Me, with my brave and heroic
stand against the coverup of Lennon's murder with evidence that proves our government's guilt.
It felt like all of evil, lazy, drug addicted, air-headed Venice Beach and all the parasites
that collect the tourist dollars there were acting out of jealous spite, en masse, culmi-
nating in the act of one cowardly, violent, evil man. Their Menace of Venice.
Then the police acted as if they were all part of the whole thing, refusing to make an arrest.
It's been three months and it seems that, either his friends are lying for him to police or
the police are absolutely refusing to do their job of arresting him and his girlfriend who
later made death threats to me in front of witnesses. The restaurant camera angle seemed too
conveniently just out of picture (By inches) that I suspected editing with police help. The
way what was on film got erased, etc. etc. etc..
Jim Morrison said; "F--- you, America. I'm going to France where the public doesn't kill it's
heroes." Turns out we may have let our government go abroad to kill him, after all, since they
chose Morrison's birthday to kill John Lennon. You Venice Beachers have to admit that, while
he was trying to be a Peace Frog, you were busy bloodying the streets and palm trees of Venice.
It seems you all want to buy the lie about his alleged accidental overdose, like the hero kil-
ling phonies most of you are, as well.
Well! I'm advising all of you to clean up your evil, drug dealer infested, urine soaked board-
walk and present like a better city would if it had the class. Your scene is so depraved
it pysically attacked the John Lennon man. Me. That's a disgrace you may not be well enough
to even see. See?
Your disgraceful list of suspects is the man on the grassy knoll behind Nathan across from
The Sidewalk Cafe, Nathan and Mike, a black man, also with a booth there, who may have lied
to police and may be accessories in the attack on me. The girlfriend I haven't seen, lately.
If L.A.P.D. fail to apply justice I will be asking all of you to run these bastards out
of this beach area to show the world that they don't represent the rest of the good people
there who might want a trial for Chapman or media disclosure of my evidence against Nixon
and Reagan and Stephen King to the point of King's 20 year plus incarceration with no parole.
Otherwise you're ALL just hero killing, jealous ass holes. Wouldn't you agree?

The above will go out as a flyer, soon, at the Boardwalk. Meanwhile, here's a little about last
night's showing of King's Under The Dome; Sky raining blood, science stopping it, moral
questions about science and faith. Then the girl who projects venomous hate towards the new
female stranger and the counter moralists in the character line up arguing not to judge.
Just a lot of mumbo jumbo nonsense, I think. I see King trying to come to his own understanding
of why he is a monster for what he did to all mankind. A 180 angle turn from his gloating to
all of us months before the crime; "You blind, obsessive fools."
Until you people are exorcised -IT'S THAT GRIM- and see things my way and mount angry
protest demanding disclosure from the media you all ARE sick, seduced, helpless fools.

Closing note regarding the great Jim Morrison. I knew a man who once owned the last writings of
Jim Morrison. It turns out he sold them for a lot of money and he was also friends of the
Rolling Stones and we were friends for a year before he moved to Mexico. He told me that the
LAST thing Jim wrote was up in the air in an airliner looking down on the world lamenting how
money is the God below and runs everything to the detriment of everything.
I have a tendancy to agree.
If these characters are not in cahoots with L.A.P.D. then it seems that my playing my guitar
two hours a month there with my inflammatory signs was a threat to a few tip dollars per year
and worth a violent attack on America's biggest, if not most modest, living hero., me.
Ground pearls coming out of a swines ass for all the analogies I could offer. Like a leper
killing Jesus, in madness, for trying to heal him. Depraved, ignorant madness.
More details about the assault on me are in other chapters at www.lennonmurdertruth.com

July 24, 2014;
Not to sound scarier than Stephen King, but since the universe assaulted me at Venice Beach
last April all hell has broken loose; Russia's invasion of Ukrain, Mid east war, airliners
being shot out of the sky, maybe by Russia, and, well, I told you so, didn't I?
Also, several L.A.P.D. officers have died all of a sudden. One young man even had his head
abused by a freeway sign riding a tour bus last week.
Way to go silent, co-conspiring, murderous, hero abusing everybody. Way to go.
"When will 'they' ever learn? When will 'they' ever learn?"

July 25, 2014;
The L.A.P.D. that told me the case was submitted a month ago are now saying it will be submit-
ted in a few weeks. The officer seemed unusually sympathetic to the criminals involved as if
getting arrested and jailed was a drastic measure. Crime and punishment. That's how the world
works, or is supposed to work. Meanwhile I was advised to avoid the area. The area I've alleged,
all along, that the authorities want to keep my message away from.
No. I will inform the area with flyers, instead, to protect myself.

July 27,2014;
The entry you might hate me for but it needs to be said, anyway. I, Steve Lightfoot, the guy
you see driving around in that white website emblazened van; www.lennonmurdertruth.com, I
will PROBABLY end up being bigger and even more influential than The Beatles or John Lennon.
Nowhere near the musical talent but just pushing the envelope beyond what Lennon was ca-
pable of then and ushering in a broader plan for human evolution and societal progress. This
expose I'm pushing will confront all of you with your phony, weak, spineless, boot licking,
hero killing, child abusing, God defying, stupid, self destructive, ingrained, foolish selves.
I'll be too huge for t.v, probably. I may have to charge you to watch me on my own media,
who knows. I just know that what this story represents is mind boggleing huge and important.
America first started to shout out to me; "Get a job...get a life." when I began my sign dis-
playing. For one year and then everybody saying that stopped. As if the masses are in synch,
awareness wise, with the message and messenger. A 'Universal Mind', as Jim Morrison put it.
Now everybody waits for the government to kill me before they dare lift a finger. Some of
you, those with an unhappy childhood or poor self esteem or otherwise may even hate me, in a
jealous way, just because it's me and not you. My most visible detracters are usually the
bottom of the proverbial pale of humanity; alcoholic, destitute drug fiends and losers.
It's just a fact you should all know about yourselves. My enemies are the worst of you.
Those types know that they're the reason the world sucks and want the world a mess to give
themselves an excuse to be in the gutter. They don't want any hero cleaning up things.
There are some like "Sir" Paul Mc Buys that crap McCartney who are very jealous of men like
John Lennon or even the resurrectuion of his good name or anyone like me doing just that.
The whole human race is sick and depraved and, obviously, from some baser stock than Adam
and Eve, after all, perhaps.
John Lennon asked Imagine there IS no heaven at a time when he really took control of public
consciousness and dared the world to catch up. I still believe in a world with no posses-
sions. I would love to live off the planet without any industry or commerce or pollution or
other various bullshit, myself. I just have to do my best to manage my chapter in our journey
through time and space and shoot for what I can in my lifetime. It's a huge part of everybody's
life and future, what I am doing with hard evidence against the government who killed John.
Now, as I am nearing the finish line, my most jealous haters are hitting me, to steal from
all of you, my story. Your truth. The biggest news story since Christ. That's all.
Enough about how everybody is jealous of the messenger / hero in our midst. What about all
of you, public? Let's examine all of you through the lens of the man who attacked me;
He may have had a bad childhood, maybe no father figure who stuck around and I may remind him
of his father who he may hate and that's why he hit me. Maybe he has homosexual tendancies
that motivates him to have me even have to think of him at all. Why the keen interest in me
for almost 20 years of holding a grudge? I don't want anything to do with this man. Maybe he is
a washed up Hollywood fame seeker who hates the fact that my life has legs BIGGER than all of
Hollywood. Maybe he works for our government. Maybe he works for Vladimir Putin's government.
You'll notice our enemies aren't outing our dirt with John Lennon. They want us to fall. They know
my story will save America for a few more decades, perhaps a hundred years more, and they're
not wanting to see my story break wide open.
I don't know what this man's problem is but I do know that he is a suicidally unhappy and
dangerous man who the police, your police, seem to be protecting.
So, why aren't you people protesting and helping me come forward? What is it about this
man who assaulted me that you share in your own character that wants you to be a side line
sissy while I take all the blows for you? Why isn't your character strong enought to say;
"Hey! The guy's right. What are we doing not caring about whether or not Stephen King should
be jailed for killing John Lennon? If he did then we're a bunch of pussies to stand for it.
Let's break this guy's story. Or are you not the government's boss? Are you all phony pukes?"
There is a lot about all of you that bears revealing. My walk up and down the boardwalk yester-
day was telling, indeed;
To begin with, I was wearing a bicycle helmet to protect me from attacks I can't see coming.
I carried my flyers that I passed out and a two sided sign on a stick: "LENNONMURDERTRUTH.
COM" and "SATANIC PUBLIC STONEWALLING" Right away a man with no shirt and a big chest
asked for my flyer. I saw him a minute later and asked him; "Where's my flyer?" "In the
garbage."he said and I retreived it all crumpled up. Either just a phony liar or undercover police
seeing what part of my website I was distributing, I thought.
A few minutes later an even larger, 6'5', 250 pounder of a black man wearing
hippy garb, asked me if I knew who Jesus Christ is. I replied; "I know our jealousy killed
him. I know that." He got very terroristic and confrontative with me as he drilled me with
his take on the subject and he left. Strange, I thought.
One young man actually saw my sign and motioned to tell me something; "What it is, you see,
is everybody just keeps quiet on these things, that's all you can do."
I replied; "You have to protest. I don't want to live in a world where everybody shuts up
when things go wrong. That's sick."
He persisted; "No, you see, we all got just keep quiet, man."
I had to walk away in pity for his lack of spine and common sense and dignity.
I noticed my assaailant was no longer on his, now advertised by my website, grassy knoll.
Turns out he doesn't want to be identified and has moved about 40 yards southwest of it.
While I was passing out flyers to some of the same ilk who may know him there I was treated
to a dose of Lennon hating bullshit that I brideled against causing me to yell out to them a
minte later; "I think the runt dog who hit me is a homo!" It was only after that unexpected
blurp by me that I saw my assailant sitting ten yards away from me. He heard me but I did
not know he was there, or cared, perhaps. It taught me that God wanted that to take place
for whatever reason and that I may have a deep seated need to fight the man that I may be
more unaware of than I thought. In fact, just minutes earlier I said to his pot club friends; "I think
there may be a homopsexual undercurrent to the attack on me. Why is he so interested in me?"
So, maybe I have to watch my emotions and need for revenge and start focusing my energy to-
wards a lawsuit to get the police to do their job so that I am not put throught that wringer.
Later that evening I tried to ask a woman vender if she'd like a copy of my flyer. She said;
"I'm good." I tried, three times, to say;'We're all only 50 per cent good" but could not be-
cause she was on some kind of speed that made her crazy and hostile and combative as she
screamed "You're interupting my tips!" practically clawing my eyes out, her face all scrunched
up in a demonic knot. I told her, right away, "You're evil." Just as quickly she blurted out;
"I am, aren't I?" not knowing whether to be ashamed or proud. Very strange.
All day long that I was there I was yelling out slogans like "Read all about it or you're
ALLLLLLL guilty." and; "Motel money murder madness made Jim Morrison leave drug, violent
Venice." I made whole speeches about it;" "Scandal at Venice Beach. Read all about it on my
website. Drug violence in Venice drove Jim Morisson out of Venice and ultimately he moved out
of America for his own safety. And you act as though you deserve to wrap yourselves in
his image."
Very touchy material for a community that has probably never broached the subject in polite
discussion in their lives all this time.
Yeah, Venice beach is a drug area. Violent, illegal cultures taking root and even prompted
Jim's lyric's in L.A. Woman; "Never saw a woman so alone, so alone, so alone. So alone.
.....Motel money money murder madness, changed the mood from glad to sadness....blood stains
the roofs and the palm trees of Venice, ....blood on the rise is following me...."
Then, in Florida, our government witch hunted him so he left America to flee assassination.
Sick America killed him, there, anyway. All of you with your predictable silence that fol-
lowed the familiar hollow lie about an accidental overdose. Right. That's why our government
killed Lennon on Morisson's birthday, because it was just a coincidence.
I recall one man dressed in hippie clothes and hair berating Jim Morisson; "Hey, He's known
to have puked from a balconey over there. Don't care about your story."
To which, had I thought about it earlier, I'd have replied; "I'd have puked at the spectacle
that is violent, classless, dopey Venice beach, too. Maybe it's all of you that MADE him puke."
July 28,2014;
Just after writing the above I learned that a lightning bolt had killed one and injured a
dozon more AT VENICE BEACH! Just hours before I wrote the above. Amazing, huh?
I remember that my speeches seemed to empty the beach early that Saturday. The next day
a freak lightning bolts strikes there. I wonder what they all must be thinking now.
August 12, 2014;
To start off with I had no idea that Jim Brady died last week. The media kind of hid that
for almost a week, it seemed. He actually died on the day I tried to write about him in my
chapter; SALINGER/CHAPMAN/KING about the Hinckley hoax only I had to wait for a few days.
He's still a hoaxter who betrayed us all in his role of diverting us away from a trial for
Chapman. In fact, I heard, long ago, from someone, that he was used in another hoax for our
government before the alleged attack on him and Reagan.
Moral of the story; don't get in bed with the government if you want to die of old age.
It would seem he and Ruby just knew too much.
As for Robin William's suicide, I lived in the San Francisco bay area for decades and he was
probably aware of my van and website, talk radio campaign, etc. and may have been reading my
latest chapter; SALINGER/CHAPMAN/KING, which lays bare the horrific spectacle of Lennon's
murder and coverup in all its raging treachery. It's mind boggleing.
If he read it last week then I can see how a sensitive soul like his might resort to despair.
I hope not, but, if true, he would be the first of many hundreds who will follow when the
story breaks. I just have a hunch. Thousands, or at least hundreds of people, including entire
families, killed themselves when Lennon was killed.
I feel, also, that a comedian is a little like an exorcist for society and is inside the
public's head, perhaps too much. The public is now a satanic mess and I attribute the rude
behavior of Justin Beeber to rebellion against the insanity that the current public rep-
resents. Even Johnny Carson was driven mad by having to sit in the hot seat of American
culture night after decade. The public's consciousness took its toll on him.
About King's "Under The Dome" series;
His take on "Lord Of The Flies", people trapped on an island stewing in their own vile juices,
you'll notice the opening scene is always that of the water tower hovering over Chesters
Mill. What's in YOUR water U.S. public? He is a tool for the government and knows things
only a handful of people know. What's IN YOUR WATER, PEOPLE? What's he taunting us
with a water tower for? That's my first observation.
The "Iron Dome" Israel has to shoot missiles out of the sky is another stark analogy. I
believe King is a Jew.
What is the dome he is really talking about? Is it the media mind control web, the contrails
jets leave in the sky like another atmosphere, what? I don't know.
The themes presented are unleashing a virus to kill off a percentage of the population to
allow the others to live. It just so happens that the biggest ebola outbreak in history is
killing the black man in Africa at the same time.
In his latest episode he has people falling over a cliff similar to Salinger's cliff in
Catcher In The Rye. Hey, I'm not making this stuff up. "Alice In Wonderland" comes to mind.
That's all for now. I'll let your minds reel for a while.
August 15, 2014;
I know it sounds delusional to entertain that Robin Williams has ever read my site, though
I'm pretty sure a lot of celebrities do read it, but it seems as if all of America is reading
it, lately, given all the rioting and police presense suddenly in the streets. It brings up
the subject of guns and police, mostly, I think.
We have witnessed the horror of police killing lone citizens, systematically, unecessarilly,
for decades, now, ever since Reagan began ordering police to kill suspects regardless of
their acts or threats, if they merely possesed a gun. It's as if The PENTAGON, that's right,
THE PENTAGON, runs the police departments of America, cloak and dagger, behind all of our
backs. It seems that they have been trained, nationwide, to kill any suspect who is guilty of
even brandishing a gun in public, reaches for his I.D. or, lately, even if he later puts his
hands in the air and is face down with no weapon, as evidenced in Missouri last week.
Thank God the people are out in the streets, because for decades they've been dormant, and
now the sheepskins are falling off of our police personel.
I hold the position that our Pentagon wants to make ownership of a handgun grounds for being
murdered, as if the second amendment were kryptonite to their world design of complete con-
trol of the public via force and terror. Make no mistake about this, people, the Pentagon has
instructed police personel to terrorize us with death by police for owning a gun.
That's the terror message, in code, to all of us being handed down from on high.
Know, people of America, that the people who want to take us over like a KGB plot, the gov-
ernment, our government, yes, are the kind of evil slime who let Stephen King murder the
biggest hero in our lives to keep us afraid and terrorized. Poisoning us with horror.
Now they are massing, in huge war vehicles with turret mounted machine guns, against our
public for protesting the police murders of our non threatening citizens.
The sheepskins are falling off all over the set. It's a horror movie and thank God the people
are standing up to it and I hope they never stop until police are fired, for life, for
mistakes that kill innocent life instead of merely being put on adnministrative leave while
their buddies, the media, advocate for them and their barbarism and terrorism.
There must also be jail time for some of these trigger happy sicko's, too. Just because they
are the law should not mean that they are above the law.
In fact, though I conceed that the majority of police are good eggs, good people, doing a
noble and necessary job, many are sick cowards who secretly want to experience the sick
thrill of killing someone and that plays into their walking into the job interview
in the first place. I know many psychological tests are administered and weed out a lot of
criminals, but not nearly enough, people.
The Pentagon must be exposed for networking with our police and many of the tactical weapons
they now enjoy must be taken away from them so that we won't all have to bust out our pieces
and shooting each other like Middle east countries are doing, now.
The media has so turned all of you into douche bag oatmeal with all their gun pointing and
wasting of human life on tv that it is encouraging to see entire cities rising up in defiance.
Do so you all must.
Break my story and give me center stage and I'll get things done. You have to help me come
forward, though, and be prepared to stop paying taxes for ten years and war with the author-
ties, if they kill me or I die of anything but old age, say 106.
If you're not prepared to do all of that then you are not prepared to remain free or de-
serving of freedom.
This is the story, I am the messenger, now is the time.
side two. Go get em people. Break this monster expose. It's time you cowards cared.
Stop waiting for me to get get killed, next, Goddammit. DO SOMETHING. DO IT NOW.
Put your energies here where you will have super power. It's what they fear the most.
August 19, 2014;
I recall meeting Adam Sandler and Chris Farley one Sunday evening at the then Ben Franks
Cafe in Beverly Hills on Sunset Boulevard. There they were eating when I got up, introduced
/ imposed myself on them and insisted on showing them my magazine with all the personality
and enthusiasm I could muster, occasionally prompting Chris to stand up and intimidate me
with his physical, comedic style. Adam sat quietly eating his chicken sandwich. I gave both
of them my magazine and watched, later, as they drove off in a Mercedes taxi.
A year later Chris committed suicide and I hope not over my magazine and the truth of our
sick collective lives that it exposes. But I fear it did have something to do with it.
I believe Balushi was murdered by the government over his Animal House and Blues Brothers
movies - see other chapters - but Chris may not have been murdered.
It all ties into the suicide of Robin Williams, also a comedian dead too soon.
About a year after I met Adam he knocked on my van at Venice Beach once when he was doing
a commercial shoot nearby. He struck me as a good guy and down to earth. I hope he doesn't
do anything but help out the story and make our world worthy of human life again.
Hey, if I'm not killed after the story breaks I might be a comedian. At least unofficially. True fact;
John Lennon was considering becomming a comedian as a next foray into his artistic ventures.
Back to more serious matters, how about that Jeb Bush indicting Texas Governor, Perry, last
week to clear his path to the presidency? Oh, I'm only speculating? That's right.
King's dramatic last bid for public sympathy, his series; "Under the Dome" seems to dwell on
Orwellian themes like police, military, politicians, virus toxins and human nature and fear.
A few lines stuck out; "Hounds of Dianna" was a password used. Immediately it made my mind
turn to the paparazzi chasing Dianna, Princess of Wales, through her fateful tunnel. Like
hounds chasing a fox. It made me think that King gets off on flaunting her death before us.
Another couple of observations; One of the characters, the one who killed that girl and fell first
down the cliff, the one who wants to kill those protecting the dome, he looks like Lee Harvey
Oswald who King wrote an entire book about, if only to brainwash us.
The character playing the son of Big Jim, the one in the police uniform, he looks a lot like
me when I was younger.
Another character looks like Eric Snowden. The one who works for the politician father
of one of the lead characters who fell over the cliff second.
You see, there's a lot going on behind the scenes that I can see before all of you.
King's production is so grandious and involved and complicated it's as if he knows it may his
last hurrah before he gets killed, commits suicide or is arrested for killing John Lennon.
Our government is trying to seduce you all over to the dark side in even allowing him to
air it at all much less profusely. You should all be wretching if you were well enough to.
Regarding my earlier observations about guns and gun rights being front and center as victims
in the Lennon murder, by design, allow me to remind all of you that, years after I first
pointed all of this out, King was quoted as saying, following the shooting at Sandy Hook;
"N.R.A. proponents should have to wash the blood and guts off those classroom walls."
Never mind that it is King who has poisoned our world with books like "RAGE" about a
classmate who shoots up his class written in the 70's before any of this came to pass.
Maybe he has a warped view due to his own guilt.
You see, stupid public, I'm right about everything, frankly, that I've been saying, all along.
Why so flatfooted in the face of Steve Lightfoot's wisdom? Why so silent and stupid?
Really, all of you people, WHY?
August 20, 2014;
I turned the radio on to the sound of Barrack Obama's speech in response to the filmed be-
heading of a U.S. journalist days ago. I caught the part about how Isis is a cancer that must
be routed out. Interesting. That's what George Bush said about Al Quida before he created the
animosity that sprung forth the more virulent Isis counter crusaders.
Let's all start calling the terrorists counter crusaders and the world will get better, sooner.
I was at a fair once and saw a shop that emblazoned ones family coat of arms onto shirts. To
my horror, when I learned that certain stripes designated how many sons were sent to the Cru-
sades and that my coat of arms had some, I felt sorry for my ancestors ignorance and folly.
I know better, in the twenty first century, that that campaign, that crusade to wipe out Islam
from the earth, was an exercise in fear and ignorance.
When John Lennon said; "...And no religion, too..." in his most famous song, "Imagine", that's
what he meant. That all the killing over religion and secular beliefs was at the heart of mans
inhumanity to itself.
I think there is a lot of ridiculous things that the middle east religions practice, severing
pleasure organs in its women being foremost in my mind. Buts lots of foolishness's to be sure.
The Catholic religion with it's pedophilic priesthood. And on an on and on. There are as many
religions as languages, I'll bet. They can't all be right. Probably ALL of them are false and
incomplete in the big picture.
So why are we, as a united states of America, still conducting the Crusades? Aren't there other
ways of bringing this sick species together without claiming superiority over each others set
of superstitious beliefs that were passed down, admit it or not, by flawed, sinful, weak human
beings, in the first place.
I suppose if a foreign power that is responsible for the global warming and pollution of the
whole planet was dropping devastating, human wasting bombs in my country and land on my people
and family I might be driven mad with revenge, too. Equal and opposite reactions.
I saw only the still shot of the victims face as he knelt in the sand, staring into the harsh
sun, knowing of his imminent fate, and it was touching, very sad and full of horror. No Hollywood
actor could duplicate that look on Mr. Foley's face. Real life. Not fantasy land make believe.
The point is it was touching. It hurt us, got us to stop and pause and think and feel. That's what
it takes to get the average media mind controlled American's attention these days, a grizzly
act of inhumanity.
Our APATHY killed our fellow citizen. We want to wallow in the false belief that we're superior
to them and our way of life is better and nothing's going to change our minds. We're blind, self-
ish, foolish, guilt ridden fools who let our military owned media brainwash us into letting
Stephen King murder John Lennon, the best friend we all ever had, mostly to pave the way for more
warfare and killing of Islamist peoples.
The whole planet and especially, specifically you, are as sick as a nightmnare. As sick as a Stephen
King novel or movie. Until King is jailed none of you have any right to decide religious
matters anywhere on this earth. You're Stepford Wives, all of you. Too bad it
takes a hero like me to tell you.
The whole thing has to do with materialism and planetary and spiritual destruction, a worship
of money, US, and a more simple, earthy kind of culture who don't need possessions to be happy.
They, perhaps rightly, perceive our way of life to be planetary suicide and subhuman. That
materialism is a threat to all mankind.
That's the big picture as I see it.
August 25,2014;
The Crusades. That's what our lives revolve around, The Crusades. Along with standing up to
communism, the Soviets / Chinese the mid east terrorists, along with paying taxes, death and
birth our lives are interwound with the ancient grudge of killing the Islamist religion.
Behind all our backs our government is operating on this agenda, brainwashing us to do so,
killing our heroes to do so, killing our young men in wars to do so, upending all our lives
to do so, at every turn, without relent. Our lives are being wasted pushing The Crusades.
It's the big unspoken secret of all our lives; that our leadership class are seruptitiously
waging this ancient war against the religion of Islam. Terrorism, insurgents, are just catch-
words to distract us from this ugly fact. The salvation of Israel. All a ruse to wage The
Crusades. Secret societies, the Illuminati, the Masons, The Bilteburgers, Rockefellers,
C.I.A., etc.. They're taking your tax dollars and using your sweat and your lives to fight The Cru-
sades. An entire media mind control apparatus has been designed and created to keep you
from understanding this. The Crusades are the real reason we are fighting so called terror-
ists in the mid east. Israel may well be a chess piece being used for this exact purpose.
How does all this make all of you sheep feel? Do I have hard evidence? Not like I have in
John Lnnon's murder but, yes, I have ample evidence to show this allegation to be a fact.
There is so much evidence it is swirling all around us like a tornado consuming us to the
point we cannot see it, though.
Our whole lives being wasted on the ambition of killing the religion of Islam. Why?
I've already told you I think there are aspects to it that disgust me. That there are aspects
to all religions that disgust me, even the one I was raised under.
I contend that the real reason our leadership class fear the reigion of Islam is because it
represents a life without the worship of material possessions and money. That's it, period.
The practice of weilding money as a weapon over people is not well understood by most.
It presents advantages to some at the cost of the many who are used to promote it.
Ultimately the planet, itself, is falling victim to it's popularity and may well force us all
to shake off the whole concept of materialism, money and manufactured wealth.
John Lennon sang ; "Imagine no possessions. I wonder if you can. No need for greed or hun-
ger. A brotherhood of man. Imagine all the people sharing all the world...."
We all know why our government shot John Lennon. He was a threat to their money oriented
scheme of control over us all. He was a better leader.
Satan rules all of you who don't care. It is a satanic world since Stephen King murdered
John Lennon. Not that it wasn't before but it is more satanic now because of it.
You stupid Crusaders are about as smart as the peasants who killed Christ.
At least there is one bright spot in your government defiled lives; me. I'm giving you the
truth in a world that is disgustingly dishonest.
Barrack Obama, Crusader. the Bush family, Crusaders. All of you, Crusaders.
Shame on silent, sitting on your hands all of you.
August 27, 2014;
Neil Young and Justin Beeber should be on high alert regarding their lives; Look-alikes for
both are found in the cast of "Under The Dome", Stephen King's CBS sponsored series, lately.
Maybe even David Bowie should be on alert as well.
As I already pointed out last week, look-alikes for Lee Harvey Oswald and Eric Snowden al-
ready exist among the cast as well as a younger looking version of me. What I doubt many of
you are aware of is that dead ringers for Elvis, Buddy Holly, Jim Morrison and John Balushi
are found in the cast of King's movie; "Christine" about a car that lives via its rock and roll
playing radio. In fact the Jim Morrison look-alike was wearing exactly the clothes John Lennon
was wearing when King shot him. Only it was a car on fire that killed him, not a gun. All of
these rock stars, including the car, were killed off in the movie.
King likes to play riddles on us with his productions right down to cast selection.
As most of you also probably are unaware of, I saved Bruce Springsteen's life in the mid
90's when I got on WABC talk radio and warned the listeners that King was stalking the "Boss",
perhaps to also kill him. In fact King WAS sharing the same lunch tables, rehersal stage and
back stage areas and more with Bruce during, I believe, 1996. At least until my radio spot
warning to the listening world. I believe that call busted up that scene. Good for Bruce.
So, now, all of you know why Bruce Springsteen stopped cranking out his career. Why get killed
by an airheaded, ingrate, hero killing public for it?
Now I'm in the business of saving Justin Beeber or David Bowie who both resemble the brother
of the girl first killed off in King's series as well as Neil Young, the obvious look-alike
for a guy named Lyle.
You know the government is in King's corner where all of this cloak and dagger is concerned.
Still saving celebrities and entire societies in my spare time while breaking my John Lennon
murder expose, the biggest news story since Christ.
Just a a fact.
What are all of you dildos doing to help?
September 04,2014;
The latest "Under The Dome" episode had one scene that stood out; the part where "Big Jim"
casts the egg down the cliff in one selfish, reckless, insane move.
Damn the consequences for everybody ELSE, this was "...about me and my family..."
Kind of like killing John Lennon, damn the consequences for the world, selfish bullshit.
Whether the egg turns out to be good or bad matters little. King doesn't know the difference.
The series will unfold, no doubt, extolling the dangers of big government and control. Or
maybe it won't. Maybe it will just try to scare us with the thought of it.
As for our decaying world, who is to say whether the man who is beheading Americans, the
one with the British accent, is a member of Isis or a member of M-6, the Queens detail, who
is trying to incite war against Islam?
There is no telling in todays world.
It is a battle of money vs. no money and how people live their lives.
I think the money worshipers are wrong, generally, and that the hippie movement was right.
As for all this being a continuation of the Crusades it was Prescott Bush who is alleged
to have stolen the skull of Geronimo. This, after our nation slaughtered the Indians. Like
a trophy to celebrate our conquering ways. Part of his "Skull and Bones" rituals.
I believe the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden was titled "Operation Geronimo"
Does the money worshiping white race plan to eradicate all the native middle easterners,
too? Is their non money worshiping religion a threat to the entire world and ways of money?
I think if a meteorite wiped out everything that those who survived would find themselves
liberated without money and a world all to themselves as God origionally intended. I think the
money worshiping world is insane and subhuman, frankly. Ridiculous upon close inspection.
Everybody knows that the tie is the white man's way of saying to the world that everything
that comes out of his mouth is a twisted and tangled up lie, right?
September 06,2014;
Hey, reader, why aren't you out in the streets protesting the media cover up of John Lennon's
Your failure to connect with that duty and obligation has encouraged the government and CBS
to molest you with King's evil via "Under The Dome" while the rest of our news is getting weird.
Lots of comedians dying all around us. Robin Williams, now Joan Rivers. I wrote, already,
about Chris Farley and John Balushi but not about John Candy and others gone too soon.
Maybe the world's not funny anymore. Maybe all attempts to make it seem so are now futile in
the wake of all the bad politics around us.
Shame on all of you for only reading my site and not exploding with outrage and activism to
uncover things. Like a herd of zebra pausing, briefly, to watch another zebra get downed by
a lion only to gallup away.
Are you people that helpless? Really? Why don't you stop just watching me and my site and run
with it, instead? It's like me bringing you water in the desert and you not having the brains
enough to drink it. Do you really think I can break this story without mass demonstrations from
all of you?
Ultimately, I think you all will or could or I wouldn't have stuck my neck out to begin with.
On the other hand the lesson I've learned is that all of you are sicker than a dog, generally.
Can't you people see how ridiculous your lives are? You don't think twice about bringing life
into this horrible, cowardly world.
Maybe you all should. I know that your standards are unfit for any children I might have ever
wanted to have. Your lives are an insult to human decency and dignity. All of you.
September 09,2014
Of important concern, lately, is a recent e-mail sent from one Ted Brooks of Santa Rosa, Cal-
ifornia. I used to know him and even worked on a building project varnishing trim for him.
He may or may not have raided his boss's employee's pot farm along with his room mate.
I was brought along to work there just a day or two after this raid and felt like I was
being used as a convenient distraction to add to the confusion as far as the victim was con-
cerned. After about two days the victim fired a hand gun out the door way in our presence.
Frustration from him almost boiling over to me who had nothing to do with his loss, yet,
I was there in the danger zone, perhaps over the acts of my long lost friend.
Then, after the project was finished, Ted gave signs of not even paying me for the weeks worth
of varnishing I did. It came to a showdown and I threatened to report his possible role in
that pot raid to the police if I wasn't paid promptly.
Ted had gotten himself in trouble between this and the first time I knew him. He spent a
year, I think, in San Quentin correctional facility for some theft, I think, and was now on
probation with an ankle monitor. I knew him before all this stuff and for only several months.
He, reluctantly, paid up on time but threatened me as he did;
"Yeah, Steve. Just keep living your life like nothing's going to happen, but I'm gonna get
back at you for this.."
"Is that a threat, Ted?" I replied.
"Yeah, that's a threat."
I reported his threat to his parole officer and that was the last of anything to do with
Ted Brooks. I had no idea what had become of him in the lapse between our once friendship.
Now, out of the blue, he is requesting that I link up with him on some social media network.
I don't do social media with anyone, period. I think it's mind control and distraction if
the public won't use it to break my expose. I replied that he'd need to demonstrate that his
last threat was an empty threat or there wouldn't even be e-mails. His reply back skipped
that part just an offering of accept or ignore.
I'm going to ignore Ted and alert the world of his inappropriate correspondence and see
how he likes that if he thinks it's a joke. At least one person e-mailed me once alerting
me to the kind of person Ted Brooks is.
If he wamts to clear all this up he can demonstrate that he was only kidding then and he is
not a monster undernieth appearances.
I have had, up on this site, a chapter warning all of you about him, for years. His daughter
got me to modify it at one point but ignored my attempts to remove it entirely if Ted would
explain himself.
Now he has two reasons to explain himself, that post, then, and now, this new one.
Along the lines of the other criminal who committed battery against be last April, I always
have to weigh whether my enemies are just jealous assholes or jealous asshole operatives
working for the F.B.I. and C.I.A. and the police to kill me.
Both of these individulas could at least be criminals doing the police favors to get lenient
terms for thier criminal circumstances and can't be ruled out as part of a government plot
to kill the John Lennon murder evidence hero before my find saves all of you from your own
mass stupidity and cowardliness. That the government's angle would be to make it look like
an outside, common element, not them, committing the crime.
I don't associate with criminals. That Ted Brooks ever became one was news to me until after
I met him, later.
How all these strangers wound up threatening me seems a little conspiratorial all by itself.
P.S.; Ted. My attempts to respond to your e-mails both failed. Apparently the government is
either interfering or you need to try another method of communication.
September 16,2014;
I'm almost tempted to introduce a headliner seperate chapter for this entry the topic is so
important and central to this expose, but I'll keep it here in my pretty informative Occas-
sional Diary And Thoughts section. The subject is what stupid, self destructive, jealous ass-
holes the general population is. All of YOU. I cut the cord with all of you when John Lennon
was killed. I knew you'd all get callous, sick, unsexy and disgusting after the media campaign
twisted all of you into a perverted pretzel. I had no idea the real killer would be molesting
all of you with horror, after, besides. Such a blow to your dignity was that crime that more
people committed suicide than any event in modern history. They knew you'd all suck, after.
All of that all happened to each and every one of you. If that weren't the case you'd
glom onto my expose and join me in protest at the media outlets and the courts demanding
media disclosure. But you cling to the sick herd afraid of taking on the powers that be.
Even though the powers that be are ingfecting all of you with a lower form of life than the
one you all once had. I'm still intact. You're all not. I'm same as ever only now all alone in
a world of dumbed down people with no spine, no dignity and pride. No decency at all.
Look around at your celebrities. No names dancing with each other to keep all of you enter-
tained. Can Russian dancing bears be far off? So banal, people. So banal and boring.
As if the times were worthy of dancing at all. It is a time for protesting and revolution.
Even before my status as evidence finder / hero I was the target of a jealous public. As if
they knew of my destiny and inheritence, then. But after I became "the messenger" your col-
lective jealousy took on a whole new form of insecurity. The first year you all yelled from
your cars; "Get a life!" "Get a job!". Then you all stopped, simultainiously and shut that
jealous bullshit up. I then noticed that I was suddenly not allowed to date women as far
as entire communities and crowds were concerned. They'd gang up to bust up anything that
ever might have gotten started. As if I were an alien whose prowess threatened all other
men's sexual status. As if I would show people a better brand of religion they all feared.
You all didn't know that you and your herd were such hero hating masochists, did you?
I witnessed the whole ball of yarn unwind itself over decades of abuse and neglect and your
unspoken wish that the government would just kill me to leave you to your own misery.
My own family scattered like scalded cowards after my find. My friends. All of you.
Such monumental boot lickers are all of you that I've twisted in the wind, driven my website
all over America, for decades, and you all still don't care about truth, justice, right or wrong.
I will not be a celebrity who coddles the public for their acceptance. I will scold and
whip the world into line with words that hit home. Inbetween I'll try my hand at making music
and soothing you savage beasts inbetween my acerbic, much needed barbs.
Just yesterday I got on the radio, nationally, and said that ; "The public is so stupid that, if
Stephen King admitted to killing John Lennon, they'd do nothing. That's how stupid the public is."
It got out. It was on the Dennius Prager show only hosted by Mark ---------(?) who is less
inclined to block contoversial calls than Dennis. I responded to a Bill Maher clip where he
made the observation that maybe the public isn't so smart, after all, my point being that it's
not heresy to say it in public.
By the time it was my turn another caller fortuitously opined that we must all eliminate the
"Isis" population. Towards the end of his rant he gave away his status as a military soldier
when he gave details of what damage certain missiles were capable of. It was the perfect
set up to make two points with one call that are both important to all of us.
The call went exactly like this;
"Good morning John from Santa Monica" (Of course I used another name to disguise my call)
"Thank you. Before I get to the topic I called about your last caller is proof that some
people are useful idiots for the "Crusaders" who want to kill the religion of Islam because it's
non materialistic and a threat to the money system."
"Wait a minute. You're saying that Isis doesn't represent a threat?"
I'm saying that Bush created Isis in the first place..."
"Bush created Isis?"
"Oh, come ON. Let's face the facts, here. The guy cutting off heads could be M-6 working for
the queen to incite war against Islam for all we know."
"Well what should we do, then...?"
"Get the hell out of their lives and country and land and leave them alone.
But back to my first point about Bill Maher being correct in suggesting that the public is
stupid in your last segment. The public is so stupid that, if Stephen King admitted to kil-
ling John Lennon, they's do nothing...(Pregnant pause) That's how stupid the public is."
Only all of you can prove me wrong. So far you are all proving me correct. In 30 years of
"No comment" status from Stephen King he has already admitted he killed John Lennon. He
just won't clear his name. To the point that his home town of Bangor, Maine feels sorry for
him and now wants to protect him. Not because they doubt me. I was there several times for
many months at a time and they never challenged my claim, either. Indeed, their high school
students acknowledged it was King in the photo but in a jealous of me, angry, surley way.
Whenever King has been asked if he killed John Lennon he has said; "No comment." or "You got
a problem with that?" In Santa Cruz when a small girl asked him he said" No.....(dramatic,
long pause).....comment." As if he just couldn't say "No." People, he can't deny what every-
body already knows. All of the world has known for decades. All the important people.
I remember how thick the tension was in a Denny's diner in Portland, Maine when the whole
room knew it was I with the van and claims against King. It was as if they resented the fact
that their behavior towards King as a child helped make him the monster he is and felt as if
I were exposing all of them, too. It was quite a scene, the unspoken exchange of feelings, again,
the tension so thick you could cut it, the tension of mass resentment of the truth hero.
I recall how certain teachers at The University of Maine orchestrated a mass of students to
USHER me away from the speaking area by rushing me like a marching band.
I recalled saying to them the following year when they asked for advice; "Don't have sex with
your relatives."
Harrumph! My last visit there I was amazed at how mind controlled they could be. Insane.
Someday it will be called the "Bangor Syndrome". Mark my words. Pure, human evil unmasked.
I recall how strangers were caught ripping down my posters advertising my rally at Pacific
Beach, California in the 90's. Not police, but young, regular people sincerely afraid my
demonstration might succeed. Jealous, boot licking cowardliness and hero envy. Period.
I recall how I was egged, literally, while standing outside a Stephen King book signing in
Santa Cruz, California with my very large sign that read;
The entire people of Santa Cruz were joining King later that night, after I was arrested and
jailed (All broadcast on national tv news and all major newspapers, me being branded as a
stalker of King), the whole crowd listened to King brag; "I guess we knocked a few shingles off
of his roof, huh?" After two days in jail I was released having never been charged at all.
All of this satanic behavior will be showcased in my four part movie, someday. But there's more;
At U.C. Berkeley, in 1984, I announced to the crowd that my father had just been killed
in a plane crash that suspiciously occured on the tenth anniversary of Nixon's resignation
anniversary and just weeks after I got a threat / warning letter from a horror writer.
Handwriting analysis would reveal, years later, that it was from Stephen King, himself. What
did the 1984 era student body of liberal Berkeley campus do? They squeeled and snickered
with uncontainable glee. The kind of laughter that burps and squeals out from one in spite
of trying not to. Dozons of them, at once.
You and your herd didn't know that you're all such hero hating masochists, did you? I'll bet
you had no idea about this self destructive inclination you all have towards being saved.
In San Francisco, after the police conducted an arrest for show to confiscate my signs, while
the public did nothing to help me, I was told, later, that I'd have to complain a little less
when being arrested before they'd help me by one of the cowardly bystanders there. That's a
bunch of bullshit. That's like saying; "Shut up and take our abuse, fucking hero. We pay them
to fuck with your free speech. We have to work for a living. We're too miserable."
U.S. public, you all ARE STUPID. You all ARE. It's time you admitted it to yourselves.
The truth of the matter is that you don't need any of my evidence to demand a public trial.
You never saw one. That's cause enough all by itself. The fact is you're all cowards. Boot
licking, turncoat COWARDS who would do NOTHING, even if King admitted to killing John.
THAT'S how stupid the public IS, people. That's exactly just how stupid all of you are.
You have a defective gene, a "Take us all out, God. We suck." reflex inside of you.
Meanwhile, there are no moral arguments that anyone can make to defend Lennon's murder.
Underneith all the logical arguments; "He was a drug influence and a revolutionary.." or any
other things one could say, John was a good revolutionary and a GOOD influence on us all.
On the other hand it was a satanic, evil, ugly, BAD group of people who killed John; A mentally
twisted horror writer and, perhaps, our most disgraced, most criminal president ever,
Richard Nixon, and an actor turned public enemy in the name of politics as usual.
No, I have uncovered the biggest fraud and crime against all of you ever, the theft of
John Lennon's influence and the imposition of the exact opposite influence, that of evil,
on all of you and yours.
Problem is, you all seem to love it, you sick, hero hating, child abusing masochists. You
walk around missing an arm saying; "It's only an arm." like a bunch of lame pussies.
The purpose of this entry was to let you know something about yourselves that only a hero
COULD know to ever tell you in the first place. I learned, from all of you, that mankind is
a sick animal in the throes of evolution, still batty and imperfect, even satanic in it's
self abuses where the subject is governments killing public heroes.
You're all jealous of me and ashamed of yourselves.
That's why you hit me at Venice beach last April and why the crowd refused to help me call 9-11.
Not only is the drug dealer / police undercover asshole who hit me a sick person, all of you
are sick people. Even you silent, especially guilty celebrities who are wasting your proni-
nence like a bunch of cowards, McCartney being the biggest wuss of all. Cowardly planet.
By the way, if the talk radio scene in L.A. was a man he'd be a eunich. No balls. Mostly
thanks to the fact that the Pentagon has L.A. under it's juristiction, media and police.
There's a screener at KABC in the am from Philadelphia (Not one of us) who knows my voice
and I can't phony my way past him. He's got all your balls in a formaldihyde jar on his
shelf, admit it or not. Prager is too timid to inject differing opinions and the whole south-
ern California radio scene is a crowd of sellouts ripping off the public with censorship and
"...kill the Islamists" propagandists. Mind control.
There are some glimmers of hope in the mix. Not many, but a few. In 1987(?) following months
of plastering Berkeley with announcements and running an ad in The Bay Guardian about six
demonstrators showed up and made a stand with me for a day.
Three weeks before Nixon died of a stroke Morton Downey Jr. gave me three days in a row on
L.A. air waves, 15 minutes a shot, and we succeeded in scaring Tricky Dicky to death.
A dozon years ago, when KGO radio's Ronn Owen asked the public to phone in if I should be a
guest on his show, the response was so, so, overwhelming that the number of calls that flooded
the station shut down their computers, according to Ronn for only the second time in decades.
So there is a vein of goodness in "The people" It's a race betweet your learning curve
and the rest of the public who is too sick to be good enough to help me. Don't wait for me
to get killed. As it is I'm thinking of alternative countries to live out my life as the
culture is so banal here. I'd forget about waiting for anyone or anything other than just
you to grab a sign and hit your media outlets, people. YOU"RE the ones who will benefit the
most from my story, not me. I've already paid a price too big for any just compensation
in return. I know the truth about evil mankind. Get to work on that, people.

(To be continued...)

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