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     Were it not for one tiny bit of information about the Clintons I might be as foolish as half
of Hollywood is now who actually trust Hillary. I can prove that she is with the republican wing
of government as much as the democrat and works for hidden billionaires who are not your
friends. That she is a fraud, a con-women, that she wears a mask at all times and is really
hood-winking America while she and her Rockefeller types turn America into a whittled down
version of its former self to make it fit into the new world order fascism we suffer under, now.
What is this tantalizing bit of information that strips that mask off of her lying face?
As a matter of fact, perhaps only The Oakland Tribune newspaper printed the story, but it goes
like this; "...The Clintons invited Stephen King into the White House for a secret meeting..."
Or so many words. This was about a week before the Oklahoma City bomb went off in the mid 90's.
The Oakland Tribune, it so happens, was also the first paper to ever give me print in an
article titled "Tops In Plain Talk" by Carla Marinucci in the mid 80's.
When I read about Stephen King meeting in The White House with the Clintons I thought it
must be about how to protect him from my evidence and political activism. What were THEY
doing with Stephen King, Nixon and Reagan's evil do-er? Are THEY also republican Soviets?
is what I thought.
Maybe all of you should think that, too. In fact, there is no maybe about it. That one news
item pulled the curtain back on an otherwise magnificent pair of actors who might fool you.
What about Obama? Is he like the Clintons in that respect, too? Well, as a matter of fact,
he is. He actually recently awarded Stephen King with a medal of the arts award last year.
I knew Obama was Bush "light" a long time ago and I wasn't surprised. Just disappointed.
Both he and the Clintons know, and have known for decades, that Stephen King murdered John
Lennon. In fact, in 1992, when I was in Bangor, Maine for several months, straight, and weeks
after my magazine dispersal in Kennebunkport, Maine tanked Bush by over 20 points in one
week, Bush addressed my expose publicly when he said; "...You know, nobody likes "Who Shot
John?" but..." during the Richmond, Virginia presidential debate and days earlier during the
Hurricane Andrew relief speech.
The Clintons were well aware of my activism and I admit to helping them get elected. You
see, my magazine was titled "EVERYBODY'S BUSINESS; WHO SHOT JOHN LENNON?"
G.H.W. Bush blared it all out for all to hear. Presidents have to know about people like
me who can revolutionize society with a news story. Of course they all know about me. I was
even stopped by G.H.W. Bush's security gate when I tried to drive my van up to his house.
So, there you have it, people. You have been informed.
Not impressed? Perhaps King was John Doe II who was never identified in that Oklahoma City
bombing. He matched the drawing shown and loves to blow up U.S. cities like he did Las
Vegas in "The Stand".
That's what I thought at the time. I even wondered did our own government and the Clintons
blow that building up just to put the cooties on the militias after Waco put the cooties on
our BATF.. Is Timothy McVeah really dead or was that screen monitoring his vital signs rig-
ged to CONVINCE YOU he's dead? For all we know he could have a new face and identity.
That's how sick the REAL politics IS, people. My Lennon scoop is proof of that!
Oh, and to show how transparent it all is, the night after Hillary lost the 2008 primary to
Barack Obama where did she go? She went to New York and met with the Bilteberg group, there.
It made at least one major newspaper. I saw it.
Food for thought you na´ve, zombified dupes.
Oh, yes you are. Until you care about my evidence you are all zombies in political hell.
I'm voting Trump because I think he is sincere and a good guy. I even spoke to him once while
he was hitting golf balls decades ago and he was refreshingly normal and respectful.
Like most of his supporters we don't click on every issue but more than enough for my vote,
especially because the alternative is the establishment hell that Clinton represents.
Obama, Clinton, Bush, Nixon and Reagan think it was a good idea to let Stephen King murder
John Lennon and then pollute you all with his sick message, after.
You people really are satanic until he is exposed and jailed. Until then it is all of you
who need an excorcism.
Oh, by the way, about Bernie Sanders. He may have simply lost due to old age and fatigue
and a monotonous tone in his campaign that was bereft of how he would bring about change.
Maybe, though, he lost on purpose to give Hillary the appearance of being in a legitimate
fight. In fact, did anyone question why she had nobody but Bernie to run against in the
first place? Kind of odd. Like they were trying to siphon Hillary in by keeping the stage
At any rate, anyone who supports Hillary I cannot support, so I will be taking his name
off my rear window and leave "Trump" up.
Vote Trump or stay stupid, people. Wake up, Hollywood. At least Susan Sarandon does't
"...follow (her) genitalia to the voting booth..."
There are many smart celebrities in the mix, too, and I implore them to rally around


That's where our power is, and nowhere else. Imagine if dozens of celebrities (Maybe not
McCartney. Apparently too jealous and chicken) imagine if dozens of celebrities went on a
month long binge of wearing only a t-shirt with my website on it? Oh, my expose would
BREAK! If they would actually DO that.
Yoko dreads my story breaking and hopes she dies before coming under scrutiny, frankly.

The biggest expose of all time. Also the most under rated. Must be sick mankind acting blind.

P.S. About the wall between us and Mexico. The Rockefeller crowd doesn't want it because
their corporations want cheap labor. Period. America is just an afterthought to them.

June 13, 2016;
For newcomers, I add to my chapter title issue with others as they arise, the title is-
sue being the one I want you to read, anyway.
Regarding 50 dead and more wounded in Orlando, Florida yesterday, I got on talk radio with-
in hours of the event and said;
"I don't have anything against the gays. They curb population growth and that's all great.
But I do have a problem with the average citizen's ignorance, naivete', and blindness about
our world. If you look at our T.V. and our movies we are a satanic culture. If you look
at our T.V. and our movies we are a satanic culture with all that violence we are fed.
It's time we all admitted, among other things, that Stephen King shot John Lennon and we
don't care." (At that moment I was cut off.)
Later that same evening I said about guns;
"Regarding the issue of gun control. The people who are trying to take away our guns let
Stephen King kill John Lennon." (At that moment I was also cut off.)
There is a lot to say about both phone calls and I will, here.
John Lennon said; "...and no religion, too..."
John Lennon was right and all of you poor fools are still wrong all these years later.
You see, regarding homosexuality, there is more than just religion behind the dynamics.
I happen to be heterosexual on sabbatical until you dopes get real with the truth but I
believe that because we don't suffer mass slaughter like they do in the middle east, due
partly to western wars over there that slaughter and disperse Islamic peoples, they have a
more urgent instinct to reproduce and, naturally, will frown on homosexuality and tend to
be more heterosexual. America, on the other hand, is overburdened with people fighting each
other in traffic and experiencing stress that makes Americans less instinctively drawn to
heterosexuality by comparison. Then there are religious and cultural matters to consider.
I DO believe that homosexuality is how God curbs overcrowding and population growth and
that the two are instinctively tied to each other having nothing to do with religion. I
also believe there is a difference between believing in God and believing in religion.
Personally, I envy the middle eastern man's simplicity and down to earth lifestyle vs.
the insanity that chasing money and possessions represents, here. On the other hand, as
with all religions, including western versions, they are full of feces about many things and
can't see behind their need for religion to begin with because they are afraid to think
critically, like I do, for example. Very few people of any part of the world think critically
like I do or there wouldn't be more mass shootings here in a year then there are weeks in
a year.
My expose has sheared the wool right off of everyone's helplessly weak religions that can't
turn my evidence into disclosure even though stonewalling it dooms mankind to insanity and
satanic influences.
All of you trusting in your religions have been sold a bill of goods. You can't even care
that our evil government, in a move to weaken and pervert you with an evil conspiracy, let
Stephen King murder John Lennon. ANY religion whose followers don't drop everything else and
jail Stephen King with the evidence that exists is FULL OF FECES!
I'll say it; Religion is for weaklings who are afraid of tackling life head on and being
Right now all of you are responsible for John Lennon's murder but you're acting irrespons-
ibly, for example. Like the moral of the greatest movie ever made about our political lives;
The Wizard Of Oz, you all seem helpless to stand up to your politicians and governments. It
takes a dog to do the right thing because you humans are too sick to act, yourselves.
Regarding gun control. All I will ever need to know about the subject is that John Lennon's
murder was a tool the gun grabbers used to make all of you hate guns. That all your media
violence is an effort to make you all hate guns, mostly. I knew all of that before Stephen
King began knocking the N.R.A.. Stephen King, who reminds us over and over in one of his
novels; "Beware the Jewish / communist plot against the U.S.."
Anyone who does not see this is a blind fool. Anyone who cannot see that media violence is an
effort to make you insane and violent with your guns so the government can then take them
away is not even close to critical thinking.
If you think of, let's say Israel, for example, as being a puppet of Moscow to disperse Islamic
peoples out of the middle east or a puppet of America (They're both doing the
same thing), then most of you might grasp what's really going on over there.
Your weak religions aren't protecting you from phony warfare, even in the 21st century. In
fact, your religions are the basis for much of what we call war. You sick puppies.
Obama said on T.V. recently;
"That's how it's supposed to work; Competition from a strong two party system.." regarding
our elections over here. You'll notice he said nothing about anything other than the estab-
lishment's shell game of only two major parties.
Trump is finding out both parties are soviet infiltrated quagmires that offer the same crap.
When will all of you fools gets off your stools?
Trump is our best bet, in my opinion, if you can't become responsible about your duty to
care about my hard evidence and jail Stephen King by descending on your courthouses and
media outlets with my website on your billboards.
Otherwise you will remain a satanic culture no matter who your president is.
Only you can demand disclosure.

July 07, 2016;
Wow!!! Hillary Clinton apparently e-mailed me at least twice last month. I didn't think so
at first but, after a while, realized, indeed, it probably WAS her. To begin with, she knows
about me and this occurred right after this latest chapter was posted unmasking Hillary.
It's quite a scandal I have on her; factually, secretly meeting in The White House with Nixon's
evil doer, Stephen King. If only Trump would use this item to trounce her into the dust.
Secondly, similar verbiage was used as if she wanted (if it was her) me to know it was her.
She mimicked her banter about Trump when she said things like; "...and I can predict how
he will respond to my speech. First he'll (blah, blah, blah,) second, he'll..."
She said something similar to me in her e-mail just like that. She said something about why
don't I get the help I need insinuating I'm crazy with my expose claims or whatever.
I'd like to make sure and re-read the two or three e-mails Hillary may have sent to me
posing as a man, I think, but they were erased, not by me, but by him or her. The only time
ANYONE was able to retract an e-mail to me before was radio host Sean Hannity in 2008
when his e-mail about how he'd turn my expose into big bucks and how I'm blind to marketing
when it was erased right after.
So there you have it, people. Hillary may have e-mailed me in frustration last month.
Also, I replied to the e-mail saying ; "...I HAVE gotten under your skin..."
The next day or two after she was on T.V. saying how much she likes watching her women friend
;'...getting under Donald's thin skin..." as if to poke me in the ribs from T.V. land.
Meanwhile, Trump was on mark saying how the F.B.I. not indicting her was the clearest
evidence, yet, that we have a rigged political system. Keep up that refreshing clarity.
Meanwhile, I believe I watched politician Connally, I think, say about the matter in prais-
ing the F.B.I.; "..we have the frightening prospect of a pathological narcissist saying
that certain ethnic groups are murderers and rapists....could be president and we need any-
thing like this to hang on to..."
Ludicrous, Sovietesque bullshit, mind control crap.
I have a great slogan for the election;


P.S. and on to bigger concepts, it occurred to me last month that war is an ever constant
strategy of our military and government because we have the most weaponry and can only
win, ultimately, every time and the gobbling up of the planet is only forestalled every day
we do not war with someone on the planet.
Really, people?! And you call yourselves in control of your government. Are you this sick
and stupid? Your leaders are. Probably.
And my usual complaint that your spinelessness about my evidence find with Lennon's murder
is this planet's biggest scandal and disgrace.
All of you phonies waiting for the government to kill me before you give a God damn, anyway.

July 12, 2016;
Regarding the e-mails I may or may not have received from Hillary Clinton I'd say it's a
50 / 50 percent chance it was her. I can't seem to find them, now, and he or she may have
deleted them, but I remember the first one starting out saying how I said, for sure, that Jeb
Bush would win the republican nomination and I was so wrong about that, as if that one missed
forecast ( That I actually may have influenced ) rendered the rest of me as not credible.
I responded saying that my biggest luxury, compared to others, is being able to be brave,
given my hand in life, and that life is better living that way, not castrated, silent and
victimized like the world seems to accept. I remarked how odd my claims about Lennon's mur-
der were not challenged, only my predictions about Jeb, that that seemed odd.
Anyway, I haven't been able to take a closer look as the correspondences, like her other
infamous deleted e-mails, are gone, whether it was her or not.
Lately I feel an odd attitude towards God. Is that force so jealous of my find that he won't
share the glory of it's might with any one man? Is God so petty and insecure? So vain? So stupid?
I've let him know how much I don't appreciate what a lame job he did in making mankind to be-
gin with.
Either Satan rules silent society regarding my website emblazoned van and the evidence
virtually everyone on earth is trying to side step or God must be jealous of how powerful and
earth shaking one man, in this instance, Steve Lightfoot, will be if the news breaks world wide.
That's just how big this history making expose of all time really is. It has me questioning
the character of God, him or her or what self.
How else does one explain the self destructive apathy of all of you in the face of this news?
What kind of good God would make the whole human race so helpless and sick?
Why is it that when one man steps into the role of being sane and brave he is alone?
Shouldn't all of you have stopped everything, then, when Chapman's trial was skipped? Why
did all of humanity but me turn their backs on John Lennon, truth and justice? Why are all
of you standing still for the media cover-up, now? Stephen King is still at large and
mankind is acting irresponsible and evil.
Oh, yes, shame on you all.

July 18, 2016'


I tried to call the local talk show there and was told that I am on a list of people not allowed to call
the station. The split second I parked on the main drag to erect my billboards downtown a street
'greeter' tried to get me to pack up and go to another 'designated' free speech area.
Their talk radio host was spouting the glory of Hitlerian measure to whip society into line and that's
all in a few hours of time there.
Poor, condomized Santa Cruz being pushed into their darker impulses by the media.
Impulses like denial, jealousy, shame, dishonesty, cowardliness and child abuse for allowing King
freedom all this time. Insane society laid bare under a microscope.

August 04, 2016;
Much ado about nothing regarding Donald's latest gaffs; The Khan family who lost a son to
war. They attacked him, first, and Trump's remarks were not outlandish at all and the media
is spinning like Dirvishes, of course.
About Putin leaking Hillary's bogus rise to the nomination; He, obviously, wants Hillary
elected and not Trump. Everybody knows we will subconsciously vote against whatever Putin wants.
That's why he set the stage for you to think he is against Hillary.
About Barack Obama's orations about Donald. Didn't he just say last week that Hillary is the
most qualified of any man or woman in modern time to be president? Ludicrous. I wonder does
he consider us all brain dead. And what about that 400 million dollar exchange for hostages
in Iran, lately, that just got uncovered? The establishment is saying the timing was just
a coincidence. Further media glimpses reveal that the administration seems to concede that
the money was owed Iran anyway but that we may have included hostage releases to pay our debt.
Obama, remarked that "...we won't do it again..." about the matter this August 7th.
In watching the media spinsters I noticed, also last Sunday, the 7th, that the administration
may have; "...combined a hostage transfer for funds owed but that it wasn't solely over
getting the hostages back..."
These are the moments in our lives when a little media spin can take what should probably be
a Watergate level scandal that would level our politics and the president and make it just
evaporate into the ether of the public's mass consciousness.
Do YOU feel like a Soviet craving vodka to cope?
Before I found out how tame Donald's fight with the Khan family was the media led me to think
he had stepped in it, big time. Not at all, in my opinion. I even thought Donald wanted out of
all the madness of this viperous world of politics and bullshit artists and then I heard about what he
actually said. Big deal.
The media is falling all over themselves to spin the election.
Shame on the media for they are the military, underneath it all. Truth be told.
Shame on the public for playing along just to keep on their paycheck lifestyle world.
"Imagine no possessions
I wonder if you can...."
I think the trade off you all made for possessions and a working half your life lifestyle
stopped making sense a long time ago. Now that you're all mostly staring cross-eyed into your
smart phones while the world you live and work in is set up by Satanists who killed your best
and most powerful hero, John Lennon, before he could save you as only he could have, now
that his real killer is molesting you and yours with his geeky horror movies and books I
KNOW you're worse off than most wild animals. No doubt about it. You're all nuts.

August 17, 2016;

Donald is right about the media posing a second front to overcome, not just Hillary.
The media is the establishment's public control device, it's mind controller machine.
Anything as powerful as the mass media has been co-opted, indeed, been taken over by the
"military / industrial complex." The military. They use the sit coms to keep you stupid and
the who killed who's neighbor reality shows to make you feel guilty for being a sick human,
they use game shows to make you worship money and they use gun violence and the wasting of
human life to numb you and take away your guns. The media does all that, deliberately.
Sports stars are paid millions more because they, unwittingly, keep you distracted from politics.
When it comes to making a loser like Hillary appear to win a presidential election they have
to demonize Donald to the hilt then lie about poll indicators and brainwash all of you,
en masse, (Don't be so na´ve to think they can't. They know you better than your mother does.)
Even the republican party may be with holdiholding its normal support structures with this
election. As nasty and corrupt as the world Trump threatens to get his hands on.
While no cake walk Trump can STILL trounce Hillary with a "meat on the bone", substantive,
debate. She's the lying, corrupt establishment that exploits the middle class while lying to
them at the same time. He is the exact opposite; a blue collar billionaire who still has
some common sense in him that most of the world has lost. A choice between "one of us",
a normal citizen (who happens to be a billionaire-perhaps a prerequisite nowadays) vs. a
puppet for the new world order who lies about her intentions just to fool the public.
Remember Michele Obama shouting out how "...You can count on Hillary to protect you from the
big banks..." In reality her husband bailed out the "big banks" his very first week in office.
A case of knowing how to separate "predictable rhetoric" from "provable reality".
She may even be backed by a C.I.A. style rigged vote count. A very possible and easily done
feat. Our voting integrity is full of holes right now and the media would just be fooling us
by manufacturing a consensus for Hillary that is phony and false and fabricated, to pre-
soak our brains and brainwash us by declaring a landslide when the reality would be her losing
by a landslide behind the scenes.
Refer to my chapter; "The C.I.A. Is Killing America" I've learned lessons only I could know.
Just pretend the Soviet Union owns us or that the Nazi's are in power again and everything
falls into place and the picture gets clearer.
Our sick urge to be fascist drones, to have freedom "from" choice rather than a choice.
The dog in The Wizard Of Oz having to pull back the curtain because people are too phony
and weak and masochistic to do it themselves.
You people may have to quit work for a year in protest if Trump is robbed of his win.
Right now the media is using its power to abuse the election process and tell you what to
think or at least have you let them think for you.
In reality Trump may be 20 % ahead of Hillary only the media may be lying to you all.

August 23, 2016;
Now that I have moved to Carmel, California from San Diego, now that my van has a fresh
motor, etc., I am looking for work yet my thoughts are rampaging about what message to de-
liver to the public next. What slogan.
I'm obsessed with the fact that Americans are boot-licking, sellout cowards who don't care
if Stephen King murdered John Lennon. That my fellow Americans are weak and phony and live
in a state of fear, not hope.
I'm up against the wickedness of man, no less.
I learned that our elite rulers actually sit, naked, in pool of feces and pray to fallen angels for
advice on what to do next and that they're currently trying to create a sub-human, alternative
species to replace us. I was listening to one of those talk shows, Alex Jones, I think.
It wouldn't surprise me at all.
I can PROVE they thought Stephen King killing John Lennon was a good idea.
Question is, do any of you care?
Have you succumbed to the establishment's plan of dumbing you down and making you apa-
thetic? Is "malaise" where "the system" wants you to be?
The biggest difference between you and me is courage.
Work on that, masses, please. It's true that your apathy endangers me. Is that any way to
treat one who honored your right to know? Don't you have a job to do you're side-stepping?
And if "they" haven't clipped the balls off of all of you why aren't you all just beside your-
selves with outrage, the appropriate reaction?
Just picket your government mass media and keep doing that or you might not deserve to
live under the truth.
As things stand all of you, your lives, are a sick , tragic, satanic joke, admit it or not.
Like John Balushi said in "Animal House"; "...this could be the greatest day of our lives but
you want to make it one of the worst. Where's the spirit, where's the guts...?"
I honestly believe he was killed by our government and mostly for those words. I also think
they killed Doug Kenny, the writer of "Animal House", both a year after Lennon's murder.
"The "Blues Brothers" movies made fun of police. It's not far fetched, people. "Animal House"
exposed and ridiculed the entire establishment and had the misfits becoming a Senator (Balushi)
while the R.O.T.C. character was killed by his own men in Viet Nam. Etc., etc., etc..
In fact, it took that to get me off of my guilty, apathetic ass in 1982 and do something about
at least John Lennon's murder. Whodathunk I'd stumble onto government codes in major maga-
zines blowing the cover right off of the Mark David Chapman lie?

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