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 Election Alert; 
     Trump is winning the most support with the people of America, he and Bernie Sanders. They
have the biggest rallies with the most fervor and the other candidates seem to be relying on
super delegates and party tricks to get by. The public support is for the non establish-
ment candidates yet the establishment is killing the publics right to vote for president.
Let's repeat that; the establishment is killing YOUR right to vote for president. Period.
You'll notice that the establishment that is doing all this, the politics and the media,
is not the liberal media or wing of government but the right wing media and wing of government.
The right wing IS the establishment and they own the mass media. They use it to lie to you
that the opposite is the truth, in fact.
You can't argue what the media is arguing. They are the establishment and mostly about con-
trolling you with spin and propaganda. That's what they are paid for. Not to help you.
The media is not your friend, stupid public, no matter what you think or how much they seem
like friendly people. The media is the military, ultimately, like any other dictatorship.
The U.S. mass media complex is mostly C.I.A.. Even your sit coms are rife with mind control.
Their network news division has you practically dissected on a lab table at their utter control.
I am not like all of you in that respect. I have seen things no one else ever has.
There is much to read in the chapter below this one, the one titled; 'My Thesis / Overview.'
It's just full of the whole untidy process as it unfolded in real time. Chronicled for
all to see. If Jeb Bush is appointed to be our president then I'd be a prophet who truly
COULD see the future I was so spot on.
You'll have to get past the first part of that chapter before I delve into this 2016 race
but there is much to learn for all of you, there. I am starting this new chapter to grab all
of you by the lapels and shake you out of your stupor before Trump or Bernie are denied by
U.S. government corruption on a par with Russia, no less, who we spent trillions on in order
NOT to be like, ever. Sounds like a foreign invasion, no less, is uncovering itself as
the stop Trump, stop Bernie gang show their stripes as they trample on you the people in
this fixed, corrupt, evil election.
If you adults cannot stand up to any fraud, here, then you are shamefully weak parents and
certainly not Americans. How could you be? Revolutionary revolt is what you must do, instead.
The next chapter dials in on the real problem with our world; namely, all of you. You
people are the real problem. You're self destructive, satanic cowards who love to lick the
government boots that kick you in the ribs so much. You're only 50 per cent good, I'd say.
It's what you're all so willing NOT to do, namely your job and to care and effect change,
that I find repulsive. It's as if you all rush to the lowest common denominator. As a mass
of humanity you all seem to be as stupid as hell. Individually you're not so ridiculous.
You people are the ones who may NOT revolt like the kids did in the 60's did when Nixon ruined
THEIR world. You may be that cooked frog already done and castrated, for all intents and
Before I get into this election alert let me first remind all of you what you're all up
against with your own collective human evil.
I was rummaging through some old photos I took and they reminded me of the fact that it's
not just your apathy that has frustrated this Lennon murder expose, it's your evil, too.
One shows a 1986 Toyota van with the windows painted; "LENNON SUCKS"
The owners of that tow yard refused to sell me that van days earlier because they didn't
want to sell anything to the Lennon man. They wanted nothing to do with promoting my message.
Another photo shows an entire two acres of vacant beach at Pacific Beach, California. A
carved out spot on the otherwise crowded beach as far as the eye could see. You see, my
van and my signs were parked on the boardwalk there and nobody wanted to be seen even near it.
I once saw youngsters, decades earlier, tearing down my flyers there when I was advertising for
a protest rally.
Not just apathy and fear. No, pure, cowardly, boot-licking evil at the heart of your silence.
Most glaring of all was the scene at Berkeley campus in 1984 when dozens of students were
squealing with glee that my father had just been killed in a small plane crash on the 10th
anniversary of Nixon's resignation, no less.
"Goody, goody, Mr. Bigshot. They killed your dad. Good!"
Oh, yes, I was there. It was a true scene. Dozens of suppressed squeals of glee all around at
the news my father had just died. The "Goody goody, Mr. Bigshot" sentiment was not verbally
expressed, but hard not to feel.
That's who all of YOU are. You may NOT protest if Trump is denied. You may NOT have the spirit
to be free, after all. This will be a defining year for America. Things had better not be
'same ol same ol' after if our popular choices are denied. It's up to all of you.
I hate to bring up sexism but I've noticed that women tend to be more cowed in that respect
than men. I HAVE noticed that if the media says something is so it's the women who fold
the fastest and fall in lockstep and go along. When pressure is applied the women fold first.
Take this Trump matter with women. Even IF Trump is not a perfect man I get the feeling that
women would NOT see past his imperfections there and they would forget and forsake the fact
that he is more candidate than we, the people, deserve anyway. He has too much more to offer
us than the alternative hell of establishment politics. And, yet, the women just MIGHT kill
all that revolutionary thriumph over the establishment just because he was ambushed by the
media and said anything imperfect about women. Are you women that stupid? Would you allow the
establishment back in after Trump risked his life to save you with his campaign because the
mass media managed to stampede you away from Trump? If you would then shame on you.
What about you men? Are you going to get pussy whipped into submission by your wives if they
feel more "assured and comfortable" with the establishment's way of doing things and want
you to follow the media stampede away from Trump and Sanders?
I WILL say it like it is and pity each and every one of you for being a stupid fool until Stephen
King is exposed, via your protests, arrested, tried and jailed for life for killing John Lennon.
Until you people can do that your lives are boring and satanic no matter what you want to think.
There is no way to any revolution that doesn't require doing exactly that, first. Anything
less will keep you unholy, filthy and miserable. It's time you all took that bath.
If you allow Trump to be denied by the RNC or Hillary to get in past the more popular San-
ders then you're all tragic morons who may not deserve to be free after all. As parents
you would be failures and weaklings.
Hillary is no different than Kasich or Bush or Cruz. They all work for Rockefeller in my opinion.
I know the politics a lot better than any of you people do, trust me. I do. My life depends on
knowing the truth and who my real enemies are. You have never had to think so hard.
Did Bill and Hillary Clinton secretly invite Stephen King into The White House for a meeting
a week before the Oklahoma City bomb went off? Yes, they did. Did they know he killed John
Lennon for Nixon and Reagan at the time? Yes, they did. Did the Oakland Tribune print this
fact? Yes, they did.
Along this election I made two impactful talk radio spots. The first one was on the Michael
Medved national show in the early part of the race. I said something like this;
"The people who want to elect the C.I.A. or Bush and the establishment types in are weaklings
and mental midgets who are afraid to let America be America. The reason everyone likes Trump
is because he is what America is supposed to be about; a U.S. citizen being able to run for
president. Not just another politician...."
The second spot, also on the Medved show, last week (late March) where I said;
"... The establishment media is involved in unprecedented meddling trying to stampede us
away from Trump....They treat him like a pro golfer who has to putt while they are throwing
cans and bottles and oranges on the putting green while he's trying to compete....If I was
Donald Trump I would have switched to the independent ticket a month ago...."
The next day the RNC met with Trump, probably to make sure he didn't switch.
To keep up with the election it's all in order, dated, in the chapter below.
Read my next chapter at the top of the list below: My Thesis / Overview. It's a good one.

May 06, 2016;

Meanwhile, I'd like to congratulate Donald Trump for his primary victory, Bernie Sanders
for his still dogged fight and to shed some light on all the goings on.
I have been active, occasionally, on talk radio and think that Trump likely knows whenever
I get on regardless of what name I use. I 'got off the stage' when I think he wanted me to
and I noticed, perhaps, his appreciation for it after with the shade of blue tie he wore
making his acceptance speech. Exactly the color of my Trump window sticker.
So there may be a very intelligent, savvy, interesting player we may have here in Trump if,
indeed, he IS that aware of my efforts to see him to victory and his bigness for caring.
Ultimately he was heroic in pointing out the nexus with Rafael Cruz in 1963 with Oswald.
Actually it was The National Enquirer who did. Not that I think Oswald fired the fatal bullet,
if any, but that I think that Ted Cruz MAY HAVE been elected Senator, in the first place,
because Rafael demanded it be so for his silence IF he was involved in the government slay-
ing of J.F.K.. I even said on the radio what if he made a deal to keep quiet on the condition
that his son gets a Senator position, maybe even the presidency? I went on that, if that,
were the case, that we'd all be evil to fulfill that in electing him any further. I also took
the humbling occasion for Ted Cruz to point out that Ted's backlash over it when he laid
into Trump was not over the top but somewhat measured. In doing so I acknowledged that
Donald could afford to reign in his ego a little in letting Ted's remarks slide.
I'm a lot like Trump in this regard. We are both alpha males bordering on megalomania -
a good thing in this upside down planet that needs its compass adjusted - and he is very,
very sensitive to any criticism of his style.
I only get this out to him so he doesn't get too cocky and cavalier and 'step in it' down the
road. For his sake and mine and America's. I think he is a Godsend for this sick country and
I don't want even him to get off the reservation. His afterthought mentality when he told the
people of Maine; .." just remember that big long turn I made out of my way to be here.."
Humility goes a long way in American politics and better I tell him now than later.
I can afford to call them heroin using cowards protecting Stephen King but, then, I AM
America's biggest real life hero. They understand that. They know I'm right. I'll get slack.
All that aside, I am AMAZED at how great The Donald has been as a candidate, generally.
I think the two of us can make even bigger history when we both air the John Lennon murder
evidence against Nixon, Reagan and Stephen King after he becomes president. Hillary would
NEVER do anything so great and noble and wonderful. She and Bill held a secret meeting WITH
Stephen King in THE WHITE HOUSE! in the mid 90's. "Hillary IS Jeb." (Powerful bumper
sticker.) On the other hand only a good republican president SHOULD be the one to air this
inevitable news sensation. If it were a democrat the republicans would forever be the party
that couldn't admit its wrongs and can't be trusted with the truth. If Trump announces
what a cultural breakthrough this expose is he will adorn the republican party with the
mantle of goodness for outing its ugliness for the sake of saving America.
Donald should know, also, that the new world order, the Masons, the Illuminati, etc.. really
do run things here, and not for America's good, necessarily, but theirs. He must be careful
not to set up his cabinet with people who could do the establishment's bidding should he
suffer an "accident" along the way. Keep the incentives to remove him off the table and
make sure that any successor NOT be an establishment type.
Well, Donald, thank you for your courage and greatness. Don't let all this go to your head
and look forward to the day when Stephen King is locked up and America's attic is free of
its evil Quasimoto and you have a healthy country to work with.
Any time, any place, I am available to endorse you if you are willing to give me my big break.
I know I am your equal and you mine. Let's do great things together, brother.
Good luck and I hope you win the election.
In closing, be ready for the "HOW are you going to do all this...?" when Hillary asks.
Be less reliant on the personality cult approach and get sharp on the political actions you
will take to make America great. Being liked and being cute are important but those things
can wear thin in this prickly world of politics. Meat on the bone is the best approach.
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