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     The song "Thunderball" rendered by Tom Jones from a 007 movie comes to mind when viewing
the way Donald John Trump marched his way into The White House this year of 2016. What a
force of nature America has just been blessed with to lead us back to our days of greatness
and out of the quagmire of globalist domestication of the human spirit. We have been freed
from the oppression of globalism is how it seems to me now that Trump is our next president.
As sure as Obama had a bust of Martin Luther King positioned behind Donald during his first
meeting with Trump the other day (November 10, 2016) the Rockefeller crowd that Obama, Bush,
Clinton, et al all represent, are still bent on trying to assassinate Trump, the same way
that same crowd assassinated the Kennedys, Martin Luther King, John Lennon and anyone else
who had more sway with the public than their Orwellian apparatus. Lindsey Graham hates Trump.
I tromp right on to this subject naming the Rockefeller family who founded the C.I.A., their
minions who do their bidding, the afore- named politicians, our branches of government, the F.B.I.,
C.I.A., etc. the government in Moscow, the globalist wanna be take-over artists who think
they can brutalize their way to diminishing America for their evil purposes from daring
to even attempt to kill Donald in a plane crash, or otherwise for fear of causing an out-
right revolution that I will lead if it happens. If anything OTHER THAN OLD AGE kills Donald
Trump then I demand of all of you to retaliate with real revolution and major upheaval
until the establishment is starved to death and put out of business, completely, so you can
start over with a clean sheet of paper.
In the past all of you good people, and by the way I DO applaud the people of America for
getting this election right in the face of Soviet style media propaganda and lies, I DO
applaud you, but remember, in the past you good people encouraged every assassination they
ever committed against you with your apathy after the fact and still, even today, support the
real murderer of John Lennon, creepy, geeky horror writer, movie maker; THE Stephen King
the with your willful blindness to the subject of the hard evidence that proves the truth.
You must all wrest yourselves from your comfort zones and put the establishment world order
butt-holes on firm notice that you're all ready to defend Trump and put them out of business
if they don't keep their murderous hands off of our heroes, once and for all. This would
mean, of course, quitting work and / or not paying taxes for at least a year or two, people.
The government controlled and C.I.A. owned mass media was exposed to high heaven this year
from the weasel Stephen Colbert on late night T.V. to every talking head and even entire
television series like 'Madam Secretary' all caught in the cross hairs for public scrutiny.
The people of America have spoken and I applaud you all for being critical thinkers in the
face of Soviet like media tactics throughout this historic, roller coaster election.
Now we have rioters in the streets opposing the voters of America who chose their leader.
This is the media's fault because they lied to America the whole time that Hillary was ahead
of Trump. In fact, not once did they ever show you Trump ahead. Not once. Then, in spite of
some fraud on the democrat side Trump still won convincingly.
Hillary had a feeling the day before when she cancelled her fireworks show she had planned.
I think she knew it was all a charade with the media on her side and hoping that mind con-
trol would win the day. Thank God it didn't.
Now people are protesting in the streets because some Americans were duped by the media lies.
They'll have to get over it, somehow.
The day of the election I was so nervous I lost my first ever pair of prescription glasses
amidst my multiple calls to major talk radio shows. I had no idea who would win but could
not imagine a Hillary result. Trump I could imagine. I could have been left as devastated
as some of Hillary's supporters must feel now.
Miley Cyrus, I adore your soul and spirit and am proud of your support for Hillary. I once
helped get the Clinton's elected even. I was let down when I read about the secret White
House meeting they had with Stephen King in 1995. Just like Obama let me down when he gave
Stephen King a medal of the arts award last year after I helped get HIM elected, as well.
I can't fault your naivete. It's a satanic world out there and you'll be a great president someday,
I'm sure, and I hope you make it.
I love a celebrity who thinks about the importance of politics. I wish I could comfort you
and all of the other sider's out there, but trust me, if you can scare the enemies of America
from killing our hero, Trump, or from obstructing him, I'm confident he'll go down as one of
America's 10 best ever presidents.

November 15, 2016;

Donald should beware of attaching "establishment" people to his presidency. The whole idea is to
discourage any assassination attempts. You see, he must make sure that the establishment is not
in place to assume his role in his unforeseen absence. He should stay away from any hot potatoes,
and I agree, Christie may be one. Guliani may or may nor be culpable in the missing Trade
Tower's steel after that attack. There are a lot of considerations he has to weigh.
(Insert 11/26/'16; If Mitt Romney were picked for anything it could only be to be set up for
failure by Trump to wax his future political career. Look at Hillary's luck with secretary of
state. Other than that I can't imagine why a globalist minded, America comes second kind
of known enemy of Trump would even be considered. I've long believed that Romney took a
fall on purpose to let Obama in for a second term on the wishes of his globalist bosses.

Right now my $1#. @ hr. line cook job may be in jeopardy due to reverse racism. I am the
only white cook in a steak house restaurant. I put out the bomb and they seem to resent that
there is no valid reason to get rid of me other than that and the fact that some of the staff
resent my Trump bumper sticker and my politics, generally. I advised them last November 13,
that they have the right to fire me if they just don't want me around but they don't have
the right to badger me and threaten firing me over any imperfections they love to find.
I've seen the possible replacement, a Mexican, of course, and I doubt that he'll be better
than me no matter his experience for my cooking skills, especially broiler, are very, very
artistic and competitive. I do have 20 plus years experience in cooking but the chef is
fast to deny that. Too bad.
Reverse racism and employers who went for cheaper immigrant labor is why I got out of cook-
ing ten years ago and went into better paying sales jobs. Now that I went back to cooking
for physical health and workout it still seems to be a bad work environment. To that I say,
"Go Trump". Something Un-American about the restaurant scene since the borders were open
I must say, though, that there are easier ways to make a living than line cooking. It's physical.
(Nov. 26, 2016 insert) It is more clear to me than ever that my employer has the bad attitude,
not me. It's embarrassing to stand witness to the cowardly spectacle of racism and, perhaps,
jealousy I've been subjected to. I mind the efforts on their part less than most might, I
know it's them and not me and that helps, but I'd like to point out a sampling;
The first five minutes of the first night on the line I found my co-worker, the co- chef, a
Mexican who has worked there as a cook for 17 years, running towards me suddenly while I was
using a knife. If his intention was for me to cut myself it worked. Just a nick.
This same man just last week exploded at the thought I might want to cut a shred of char off
of one steak. He was caught raising his voice and losing his whole composure over nothing. This
after I returned to work unfazed by their harassment campaign against me where my hours were cut
in half the week before. I needed some time off and I enjoyed the rest. Not what they had hoped.
This new Mexican cook they are trying to replace me with is a nice enough fellow and we
get along well enough, like I do with almost all the other Mexican help there. Just today he
did something that I have never done there and had I done it would never had heard the end of
it; he overcooked a dozen or so steak and salmon items all at once. This episode was met with
silence from the upset chef. The worst I've ever done is lose several slices of bacon, once.
My loss under a dollar, this episode a loss of hundreds of retail dollars, maybe wholesale.
Had I done it who knows what uproar might have ensued.
Like I once told the chef my replacement will likely not be as good if I'm replaced.
Today I had the opportunity to bring something up with the chef that I had been meaning to.
He once told me that he had a boss who treated him like he treats me, now, and that that is
how he learned to be a cook. Today I suggested that that man had harmed him and that he should
have stood up to him, then. I hope it sinks into his brain, eventually, for it is true.
The restaurant, in general, has a brisk turn over rate, or at least normal for restaurants.
I notice that the 17 year cook there can barely speak English. Perhaps if he would tolerate
a white cook here and there along the way he might learn to speak better English. It seems
he may have only cooked with fellow Mexicans in all this time there.
There is so much more I could list, but I won't, for now.

Meanwhile, I do take pride in keeping my election rhetoric to just the King meeting with
the Clinton's and not much more. I've even cleaned up some of the vitriol that spilled over
on these pages and the chapters below this that encapsulate my role in this election.
Without being too modest or conceited I'd say my role made a 10 to 20 % difference in the
outcome. I no longer doubt my influence. In fact, while the public may not jail King with
rioting, yet, I account for the fact that California is a Republican free zone since my van
and website went up. Oh yes, indeed. I've seen the real world response to my activism.
Reagan, Dukmejian, Pete Wilson,...Not so much anymore, around California. My Nixon, Reagan
expose is why.
I only wish I could educate people that the game is not as black and white as they think.
The "System" has both sides sewn up, for sure. They play chess with the system.
Therefore, I am proud of my choice this election; Donald Trump.
I'm sure that I will opine, often, about what he should do. My prescriptions are more "Atomic
Punk" than his, perhaps, but I'll chime in.
Will he separate the C.I.A. from its ownership of the mass media? Will he at least find
out why Rockefeller Plaza prints most of America's magazine? Will he kick the Pentagon out of
the police forces in America? What about all that? If he won't prosecute and expose and jail
Stephen King then Stephen King will remain America's real cultural leader. Until King is dealt
with any president is fighting with one hand tied behind his back. I hope Trump sees this.

November 29, 2016;
In retrospect, now that I've enjoyed a rest from all this politics these last few weeks, it
occurs to me that I am obligated, as the messenger of this Lennon expose of all expose's, to
tell all the world the truth about all of you and individuals like me who buck the "go along
to get along mush spines" who would really rather sidestep their duty to deal truth and
justice, just like our country's values dictate.
In truth I will have to tell your children that they all came second to protecting the gov-
ernment and that all of you tried to stop me, even to the point of not allowing me to even
date, and, underneath, hoped I would fail so all could go along on it's phony, sick way.
I will have to tell all that mankind is somewhat of a masochist and government boot-licker
and anything BUT free and brave in their hearts and minds.
I will have to admit that your reservior of goodness scared our government and our enemies
governments from murdering me for fear all of you would put down your collective foot down for
me, especially since I wouldn't be around to harvest fame and fortune and glory, and revolt.
I'll have to report that society's jealousy and resentment helped stall the news for decades.
There are lots of things I will be obligated to say after you cowardly bastards finally bring
me and the truth forward like you all should have, in the first place, a long time ago.
I think of how the people of Bangor, Maine are resigned to being King's subjects and victims,
cowering in fear of standing up to him and his evil ass and how sad that reality really is.
Until I live in a world where you would react immediately to one like me with earth shaking
news, until I live in a world where McCartney, at least, would take a step forward and put
his two cents in, until that and more, I live in a nightmarish world surrounded by boot-licking
cowards who are media controlled fools.
At least you weren't fooled by the media this election, so maybe there's hope you'll re-
deem yourselves and bring me forward very soon.

December 01, 2016;

Immigration issue / restaurant race monopoly / political discrimination;

Just when all of you thought I was being a little harsh on the public, as I may seem in the
above entry, along comes an employer who embodies the racism, in my opinion, and the messenger
resentment character flaws I've been airing for forever.
I won't name this place but I will document their harassment campaign before I forget things
and use this episode in my life to illustrate just how much America needs to address, for example,
why it is that four out of five restaurant cook jobs in America are taken up my mostly
Mexicans and Mexican Americans, the latter being legally documented citizens. The other being
immigrants from Mexico exploiting our job market, settling for small wages and driving
down the wages, generally, across all of America.
My own episode is rather colorful with this two month old, now, employer.
To begin with, after two months of successful line cooking there and after suffering a hundred
insults and abuses and threats of being fired from the chef with not one solitary positive
thing to say, after having my hours arbitrarily cut in half at the chef's whim and more, I arrived at
work today to be told that I was not allowed to work there until I completed a sanitation
school program. He told me that I could no longer work there until after I paid for and com-
pleted a school program on sanitation. He said I was not fired, however, even after I told him that
I would not be doing any dishwashing except for pots and pans I need on the line, occasionally,
ever, and that I was hired as a line cook.
I also asked him to provide a written agreement to offer me at least 28 hours per week after
I completed said course to assure that my investment would not be wasted if they failed
to keep the agreement made on my application at hire.
I assure all of you I will be contacting harassment lawyers tomorrow to see if they can retro-
actively require such a course to be completed after they hired me without it in the first place.
If they are able to give me a name or phone number for such a course they aren't forthcoming
with it. I was asked to sign a set up document, perhaps waiving my rights away, initially,
which I balked at when I saw the lies and misrepresentations in the first sentence.
I have little doubt that they have no intention of allowing me to cook there even if I take
the course that they won't give me a phone number or name for, so far. It may well lead to
their legal undoing if I get a lawyer to represent me as they have quite the abuse history
against me, there, already. I sometimes wonder if the chef is crazy or sexually bent one way
or the other it's been so sick and over the top. It will take time to recall all of the
hundreds of episodes, so bear with me.
The second day there their dishwasher was bitten by a rat he had caught, for whatever reason,
and I ended up doing dishes though I was hired as a cook. After a few days of this I explained
that I was not interested in washing dishes, only in the line cook job they had advertised for.
The wait staff found my van out my first night there and I knew they were upset that it bore
a "Trump" window sticker as I was hired just a month before the now concluded election.
They let their sentiment be known and I, consequently, kept my mouth shut about politics and
my website. At one point I overheard their manger whispering to one offended waiter how;
"We'll have to just wait and see if he fails..." or words to that effect. This same waiter who let
his anti Trump positions be known.
I did remarkably well there. I am a great broiler cook who happens to know more about that
department of cooking than even the chef there who demonstrated his lack of knowledge every
time he kept flipping the steaks back and forth over and over. In fact he, the chef,
averaged more mistakes with the temperatures in one day than I averaged in a month. Fact.
Even before I was put on the cooking line the chef tried to get me to cut my hair (I wear a
net under a full coverage hat) and asked would I like to be a pantry cook instead. I said not if
it required washing dishes.
My hours went from 25 to then 33 hours per week as I had put on my application that I needed
30 to 40 hours per week. Right away I knew that the chef was angling to get rid of me when
he said; "I don't know. I don't think it's going to work out." after I had to ask a question
about a set up procedure I had just learned on a Saturday BBQ the week earlier. Ridiculous
thing to say. Premature and laced with ill intent. As I've already mentioned in the above body
the other line cook ran up on me my first five minutes of my first night to, apparently, see
if it would make me cut myself and it did. I figured it was either over my white ethnicity
or my pro Trump stance. I am the only white cook there, in fact. I believe the chef is half
Mexican, himself. I did notice an uptick in resentment from one Mexican line cook (the same
one who had me cut myself) the night after Trump won. He claims to have cooked there for seven-
teen years, doesn't speak good English and, who knows, might not be a legal citizen. I don't
know. I do know that mostly he and the chef who has been there for twenty years, I'm told,
are both, in my opinion, damaged and morose and negative in their overall personality. I
wonder was it the chef rubbing off on this other cook as I know the chef to be abusive.
Perhaps their behavior stems from the orders of the restaurant's owners who are blasť about my
earlier complaints about the chef. Maybe it's that dynamic that is bringing out the mean-
spirited needling I have been getting from the chef all this time.
Initially, for two weeks, they not only listed my hourly schedule under the section; :dish-
washer", they had my name, I think deliberately, wrong; first as Ken then as Scott. I asked
the chef a few weeks later to get my schedule under the section for line cook, my position.
No change was made, however, to this date.
Most notably the chef badgered me about how I could be fired over my mistakes. About 100
times in two months time, I'd say, far more times than I made mistakes. That and his
penchant for belittling my 20 years cooking experience (I do have.), insulting me and never
once having anything positive to say about my great performance as a competent broiler cook.
There was one recent episode in mid November when I came to work and the chef immediately
asked me if I felt up to it and would I like to take the day off. I replied; "You ask me that
now that I've driven all the way out here? No. I'd rather work my scheduled shift." I
did but he couldn't resist injecting pressure if I miscued at all, only compounding things.
In fact I did great whenever he left me alone and only faltered at all when he'd interrupt.
Recently, on a very busy, packed house night I kept up perfectly all night with no complaints on
my temperatures or anything. The chef's biggest nightmare. Right up to the very last order of
the night when a slightly oxidized burger patty came out more rare than requested. I would
never have cooked the patty but the chef insisted it was fine. In reality the hardened fat
cells insulated the meat too well to cook properly. Otherwise I did perfect on a packed night.
A week or two later he told me that I could look for another job if I wanted to. That I
might be better off with a new employer. He had no legitimate cause to fire me, you see.
One trick I saw the two chef's play had to do with how to cook the fine fried onion strings.
I first cooked them golden brown but the chef told me, then, they weren't cooked enough.
Several days later when I made that fine adjustment the co-chef complained they were cooked
too much, I explained how the chef told me to do it that way. You see? Back and forth
nonsense that nobody can win.
I first had to stand up to his negativity my first few weeks when he started to use the phrase;
"Ca Ca" to insult me. I told him that he has the right to fire me but not to harass me.
One day I came to work to get an earful from his co-chef to the point I had to say that if
they want to fire me just because they don't want me around they have that right, but not the
right to harass me. All over, again.
The last shift I worked there I was rolling along quite well under busy conditions, making
no mistakes, so chef felt the need to get on the line to sabotage me, I think. He called
out improper steak counts and hid new tickets from me if I had to leave the line. Towards
the end he began removing two rare burgers that were listed as "well done" and I remarked;
"Those aren't well done. They're rare!" He ignored me and put them on the plates anyway.
About this time a waiter who made a mistake had to re-order a plate and the chef told me
to hurry the order up. It came out a tinge on the grill mark side but fine and delicious.
He used it as his excuse to send me home early. Meanwhile, as I was leaving, his two ham-
burgers came back under cooked and he had to re-do them, both.
Had he stayed off the line I would not have had any problems. He became the problem, in
December 07, 2016; Yesterday I took and passed the food handler's test (97% correct)
and showed the chef my brand new, valid card and certificate. He tried to find
a fault with it all but admitted I had met his requirements but added that my new duties
would include mostly prep instead of line cooking. He explained it was a slow time and
he would do my job. When I asked what about the new cook that was just hired he told me
that he was no longer working there. He then suggested that he may have me do some
dish washing. I immediately informed him that I would not be doing anything but items
I need to cook and prepare food with and not allow myself to become a dishwasher, that
I was hired as a cook, only. That if his schedule for me was small enough that unemployment
would cover some of my losses. He called my voice mail shortly after that meeting and
informed me that I would be working Wednesday, December 07, 2016 an hour less than usual
and on Saturday and Sunday my normal hours and that then he'd sit down and talk with me.
I frankly feel obligated to carry a tape recorder to this shift in case I need to protect
myself from his abuses and threats. I will have to inform him first and if he balks I
will have to ask that he put his recording phone at a distance, first.

(To be continued....)

Oh, and, by the way, I could legally list the restaurant's name without fear of legal con-
sequence since I am protected by the truth and other matters but I won't. Meanwhile, I will
use this hardship they have foisted on me to illustrate Trump's correctness about evicting
illegal immigrants who, in my opinion, have evicted 60 percent of all former white cooks
from their legal right to those jobs. I know, first hand, how a race monopoly at any work-
place (None more so than the restaurant cook industry) can take over and wrongfully put a
head lock on owners and cook prospects alike. Even if I were not the Lennon man I might be
subjected to the kind of harassment I've endured. It's that pervasive. Just look around the
next time you eat out and see who's cooking 80 percent of your food. Potentially millions
of jobs could be given back to American citizens, both Mexican and otherwise, if Trump man-
aged to reverse this take-over of our borders that the globalists and corporations thrive on
at the average U.S. citizen's expense.
The restaurant industry should, in fact, be one of the places Trump addresses when solving
this huge issue. American citizens should have rights to work, whether thy speak Spanish
or not, and not be run out mostly just because they don't as I testify to and not even re-
lating to the persecution I suffer over my expose about John Lennon's murder.
America, hear me when I suggest to you that perhaps 50 percent of all non fast food rest-
aurants in America are EXCLUSIVELY equipped with only Hispanic cooks.
THAT is racism, only in reverse. While good people who work hard they, too, herd together to
protect their own and stave off challengers if they can get away with it.
It's very un-American. Whatever laws have been installed to keep this race monopoly of a
major, staple industry from happening aren't working. The fix is do-able but challenging.
It seems, if jobs for Americans are to be opened up and temporary deportation is required
before they can legally apply later for citizenship, then a 90 day grace period be given
to allow any illegal immigrants to pack their valuables and leave voluntarily, without a fine
and then, after that period is up, to auction off their possessions and mail them the money
obtained minus, say, a $2,000. fine, after. Then let them wait, say 6 months, to legally
apply for U.S. citizenship. Then they belong.
We're talking about a major influx of illegal immigrants, millions, and it is something that,
I think, will have to be addressed.
Also, rules and heavy fines must be enforced where employers are concerned who hire without
complete, legitimate documentation for all hires. Deported immigrants who violate will
probably have to face consequences, too, to de-incentivize them from further illegal in-
vasion of our country and economy.
Many will set up American food restaurants in Mexico, no doubt, now that they have new skills.
Many will become U.S. citizens, legally.
Ultimately our wages will stagnate the way things have been and increase once we address
the elephant in the room; millions of illegal immigrants.
How unlikely that I would attach myself to such a movement. I'm so big hearted and, some
would say, liberal. I'm also aware of the consequences of not taking action. Just keeping
new immigrants out will not fix our problem.
I'd say perhaps 20 million jobs would be freed up for legal and legalized Americans JUST
by addressing the cooking industry's race imbalance that is caused by lax immigration
enforcement. That is one magnet that should be turned off until a balance in the kitchens
of America is restored so all races can apply.
Rules only apply if they are enforced so whatever fix is made must be enforceable. Right
now we have a system that has sold us out to the corporations who want low wages and a
global economy.
Rather than continue on the course of the last few decades I'd rather hold the world up to
our leadership standards and let them rise to our level of freedom and civility and not have
the world ask us to lower ourselves to a common denominator like globalism, first.
To do this properly America will also have to admit it's shortcomings and faults because
our model is not sustainable or good for the planet. It's irresponsible and selfish and if
we are to lead we must make adjustments that benefit not just us but also the whole world.
Now, in order to pull all of this off I believe a super celebrity is needed, not a politician,
but someone the public can absolutely trust, the way we could trust a John Lennon, for example.
Someone who has demonstrated remarkable talent and insight. I know it could be me but I
have to wonder if Trump as a politician / celebrity might be able to do it as well.
We all know that a McCartney could never find the nerve to begin to try so maybe I'm all
you people have got.
The celebrity stand out. A vital part of organic evolution and societal progress. It's the
real reason the globalist perverts keep killing them all before they can help us get well
in the first place. Admit it, you perverts; Stephen King murdered John Lennon and you do
NOT sufficiently care. That's just so sick.

December 05, 2016;

I applaud Trump's tactic of shunning the mass media, lately. No ham, he. No fool, he, either.
I have always known that anything I will ever have to do with the media will be, to quote
Paul Anka; "My way." Live interviews only, if at all, and other caveats. I will have to launch
my own alternative media, in fact. If I have to do concerts the way Trump does rallies, so
be it. In this Orwellian world I will have to perform in a bullet proof sphere and troll
through the audience from a trolley system.
Ah, the perils of being significant in this "Big Brother", sick world.
The media look so helpless now that he isn't giving them the openings they had hoped for.
They are very devious. I saw how they set the lighting in one instance to catch Kelly Conway
in the least flattering light possible. I doubt it was a coincidence. Of course they re-played
it while interviewing her last Sunday. When the camera went back to live she looked
completely normal and natural, not alien.
Pound sand media. You ARE obsolete and exposed.
Until Stephen King is exposed everybody knows it. too.

The subject of "FAKE NEWS" has reared it's head in the media, lately. Are they really trying
to suggest that MY VAN and website are FAKE NEWS behind all this new kind of hype over a
new catch word? Is that how they think they can confuse all of you? I think it's possible
that this gambit MAY BE the media's way of trying to de-legitimize my monster, REAL NEWS.
Their role in the Chapman hoax / story is the real FAKE NEWS and they all know it, as well.
Trying to transpose the points to fool all of you, I think. That's what the media do; I'll
just say it, they poison all of you. It's their job and it pays well, unfortunately. They may
have started out trying to be just like me but sold out and now hunt people like me. Sad.

Do I have anything planned? No, not really. It's not like I have been encouraged by your
usual apathetic non responses, so forgive me, but I am not a masochist like all of you.
I'm busy just staying employed in a hero hating world, lately.
December 08, is also a bad time to get Americans to protest anything they're so ob-
sessed with shopping for the holidays and the temperatures are pretty cold. I think the
C.I.A. factored all these facts into when he would be killed, in fact, to cripple you,
after. So, what are all of YOU going to do about my hard evidence? YOU can Tweet and
get the word out. I absolutely rebel against all that is new in gadgetry and technology.
But all of you are willing to learn all that modern means of communication stuff, so why
not help yourselves all get informed before I get killed?
I will probably do some sign displaying downtown Monterey tomorrow, I have the day off. 
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 Chapman lie: Society's phoniness. 
 Police admit killing Biggee Small? 
 Occasional Diary/Thoughts: 
 Tired of being stupid? 
 Mayor Garcetti & Chief Beck Assaulting Me; 
 You Bay Area Boot-lickers 
 Media controlled is satanic;  
 People, you're the problem.... 
 Chapman Lie; Media Terrorism: 
 Come Together Over John 
 America, you're upside down; 
 DEC 8 RALLY 2014 
 My family taught me you're all evil; 
 Election Mega Alert 
 Nov. 16 - '13 SNAPSHOT 
 I Need Demonstrators; 
 I tot I taw a Putin cat; 
 Why Trust Me? 
 I NEED SPONSORS; Quadruple your money offer; 
 July 4 Commiserations; 
 Perverse Public Apathetic 
 Chapman is crap, man 
 Memorial Day Message 
 'SANDY'S' revenge 
 From 'Sandy' to Sandy Hook 
 Appeal # 797163312-9 
 Comprehensive information newsletter; 
 Stephen King Shot John Lennon 
 RALLY 32nd Anniversary of John's Death 
 Ugly U.S. of Apathy; 
 You silly monkeys 
 U.S.S.R. runs U.S.A. 
 Connect with this and win!!! 99%er's. 
 Motion to Dismiss Due to Discriminatory Prosecutio 
 Osama Been Gotten; 
 Land of the deceived, home of the $lave 
 My chance to vent; 
 Beware: Ted Brooks has threatened me 
 Fed up with the oil mess!!! 
 It's True, Florida! 
 Hi, New England, 
 Hey, People of Bangor! 
 Silly monkeys, it's true 
 Are you Nukewortyhy, N.Y.C?  
 Obama's in, now help me protest!. 
 King corrupting Judge Moskowitz? 
 Committee on Judicial Responsibility 
 Great Maned Apes: 
 Hero killers repent 
 Get rich;Buy my vans!!! 
 $atan Rule$ Fool$ 
 Little Eichmans; Little Chapmans 
 Working Class Hero Killers 
 America the ugly; 
 CHP Stalking me? 
 Bay Area Beware the Press Democrat 
 I was right. You got punked! 
 EXPOSE this or DESERVE Bush; 
 Dec. 8 Rally; ABC-TV Bldg. N.Y.N.Y 
 Bush's Phony War in Iraq